I have a very messy house and me and my friend are cleaning it for extra cash have any suggestions for us?

March 13, 2010 13 Comments
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13 Comments to “I have a very messy house and me and my friend are cleaning it for extra cash have any suggestions for us?”
  1. sugarbdp1 says:

    Walmart go there or the Dollar Tree they have Tons of Cleaning Supplies..

  2. rickherr10 says:

    why would you pay your self to clean your own house

  3. Mondell&Mel says:

    Rent a storage unit or put it in the attic if you have one or simply decide what you can and can’t live without and let some of it go as hard as it may be. Good Luck Cleaning.

  4. You got to let go of the junk you don’t use. If it’s still good give it away. If the clothes are outdated get rid of them. Get rid of the junk.

  5. Get some moving boxes and pack as much stuff as you can…clean it before you pack it.

    Then you’ll need buckets, scrub brush, scrubbers for dishes, rubber gloves, spray bottles, oven cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, bath cleaner, window cleaner, disinfectants, bleach.

    Rags, lot’s of rags, dust cloths, dusting spray.

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

    Try to buy most from the dollar store…as said before me…those wet wipes for floors are great for dusting.

  6. As for the stuff you have laying around you do not want to get rid of. Buy some Rubbermaid containers and pack them in there and then pack the Rubbermaids away in the attic or basement or garage.

    The Dollar Store is a great place to go for cleaning supplies. That is where I went when I was out on my own.

  7. max333 says:

    Use gloves, store bought cleaning spray like Fantastic.

    STuffs that you don’t want to let go can be put up for sale in a garage sale.

  8. First a little Englsih lesson. It’s My friend and I, not me and my friend. Dollar stores are the best place to buy cleaning products, but perhaps your Mother should get these things for you before you start your project of cleaning. Good Luck. Get good at it and maybe as a team, you could clean for other people.

  9. lovemykalli says:

    If your gonna scrub floors and the bath tub, the best thing to use is the Mr. Clean mop. The head comes off and it has a handle so you can use it pretty much anywhere. Its awesome. The stuff you don’t want to let go of, just let most of it go because when your 18 you will wonder why you kept it in the first place.

  10. smooches986 says:

    dollar store is a good place and what about selling all the stuff in a garage sale?

  11. gardenana says:

    If you have a lot of clutter in you room, make three signs: one that says SAVE, one that says TOSS and one that says DONATE.

    Go through each item, if it is sentimental, save it. Be honest with yourself, ask “have I used this in a year, will I use it within a year?” if no, either toss it or donate it.

    after that is done, and you have scrubbed te room, (you have received lots of suggestions on products), go through your collection of SAVE, and decide what to put away, and what to put back into your room. In a year, go through your box of saved things, and do it again.

    Getting organized is not difficult, staying that way takes discipline. Always clean up what ever you do right after you do it, so the room does not get messy again.

    You are fortunate your mom is paying you to do this, the rest of us just have to learn to do it. Good luck!

  12. Jill M says:

    I clean houses for a living and here are my suggestions.

    Mr. Clean for vinyl floors
    Murphy’s oil soap for anything wood.
    Softscrub with Bleach for sinks, tubs and showers
    Windex and newspapers for windows.
    Fantastic for counters

    You do need to get rid of things…and you obviously realize this. Buy a plastic tote bin. and ask yourself if you really need this. If you say yes, you can keep it. If you don’t need it, but you want it, put it in the tote. But once the tote is full…no more…That is what I did…and wow..huge difference. I only kept yearbooks, old photo albums and programs from school play and graduations. And a pair of my baby shoes that my mother had bronzed. Good luck!!

  13. bigrob says:

    Get off the computer and get to work–You’ll never get done playing around on here.

    For Bathroom and Kitchen “Orange Scrub” really works great.

    Mostly elbow grease and sweat. Really no substitutes.

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