I always panic in crowded places and feel people are looking and making comments?

February 12, 2009 7 Comments
crowded house
Joe B asked:

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7 Comments to “I always panic in crowded places and feel people are looking and making comments?”
  1. probably you are right. they are indeed commenting on you. BUT, how does it makes any difference? Just enjoy the attention …

  2. Whawha says:

    If they are talking about you and you are not talking about them, then who has the upper hand? You do. If they are talking negative about you, then they have worse issues than you my friend.

    Do what is best for you and F*** the rest. It sounds like your friends aren’t friends at all. Be yourself through and through no matter what, and eventually you will find youself surrounded by the right people.

  3. marcoze'n says:

    just work hard on your weaknesses and fears and don’t forget to do best what u do best…u’ll be alright.be confident about yourself as no one will do that for u.

  4. Keelan Smith says:

    Dont Worry about em. they a bunch of losers. Just knuckle down and study hard and work good in your classes. Just ignore everyone staring at you. Good Luck in UNI

  5. Ember says:

    Sounds like Agraphobia, a fear of going out, also you’re paranoid, you’ve got no idea what other people are thinking & you’re just assuming & getting all stressed out when you don’t know the facts, chances are they probably glanced at you & thought nothing more about you. See a Psychiatrist & get some meds & go to therapy to help you deal with your irrational thoughts & how to cope with your symptoms, my mum had this & she’s much better now after treatment.

  6. It sounds like you have Social Anxiety Disorder, or something similar. If this is the case, then you probably need Cognitive Behavorial Therapy by a psychologist or possibly medication for anxiety. I’m not sure that you can just pull yourself out of this if it’s biological. If you’re not going to look into those things, then the only way I know to think of things is like the following: We are all primates on a rock, floating around in space. We invent cliques, “good” and “bad”, religions, concepts of acceptable and inacceptable behavior and thoughts, and kill each other for the will to power. We’re animals, and none of us has the right to make another feel inferior. Just remember that we’re just bags of chemicals inventing rules and living in order to make our own realities feel real. Imagine someone sees you in a store is judging you very harshly – this person is criticizing everything from your clothing to your posture to your voice. Now ask yourself, logically, why does it matter? Why are this person’s thoughts given more weight than your own? Try to be as rational as possible and don’t let people walk on you.

  7. Windig W says:

    I really understand how you feel.You should become a bit seriouse about your life , stay relax , and don’t let others make you afraid , if you are afraid , they wins , and you lost.
    relax , some time they don’t do also but you will get afraid that they will because its fearness that makes you feel you heard.you just live the way you want and do what you think is right , be confident , don’t you believe you are smart , if you don’t , you won’t. and make more friends.
    if you think you have panic and anxiety , this guide will definitely help you.

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