How would I obtain “statutory overcrowding” for my council flat?

November 20, 2009 5 Comments
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5 Comments to “How would I obtain “statutory overcrowding” for my council flat?”
  1. Medium Dave says:

    I advise you to get a job and rent your own place.

  2. Ask your local council for a housing application form. There are questions on the form about over/under occupancy etc. The CAB will help you if you need independent advice.

    You may find it quicker to get accomodation from a housing association, your local council can provide you with a list of these as well.

    Here are Southwark Council’s housing pages

    Council Housing

    Housing Advice

  3. Sexy Sindy says:

    You need to find the definition of ” statutory overcrowding” and work out if you fit this definition, if you do apply to the council.

  4. Ray C says:

    How many people are in you house as there have to be a great deal to qualify as overcrowding.

  5. Susan G says:

    Statutory overcrowding is legally defined as when there is not enough rooms or space in the property for the people who live there. This depends on the size of the property the number of bedrooms and the genders and ages of people living in the property. If you contact Southwark Council with these details and you are overcrowded they would then give you this status.

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