How will mainstream rock music change this decade?

October 11, 2006 10 Comments
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10 Comments to “How will mainstream rock music change this decade?”
  1. A giant mish-mash of everything.

  2. sugaree says:

    it will be the same as it has been since the 50′s…..”manstream” will be whatever is on top 40 radio.

    i don’t remember “classic rock” being mainstream back in the olden days….it was more like the carpenters james taylor, bo donaldson and the heywoods and other top 40 radio fare of the day.

  3. Jon says:

    only time will tell

  4. E-Man says:

    I think there is gonna be a lot of synthesizer and Experimental/trippy stuff. It will kind of be a throwback to the 70s in that sense. It seems like a lot of artists these days are trying to have a vintage sound and style, whil still having modern lyrics and production.

    This is just my prediction. Needless to say, I’m excited for what is to come musically in the future, you know. It will be awesome to see which bands or artists that I grew up with will become legends.

  5. I think Grunge will make a comeback. Alice In Chains just put out a new album, Pearl Jam are still going, Soundgarden just reunited and Stone Temple Pilots are making a new album.

  6. Motordar says:

    Symphonic Orchestrated Metal

  7. I HOPE GRUNGE COMES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the majority of people are too retarded to understand what good music with passion really is.

  8. lady says:

    Hopefully nothing with autotune or hip hop >:-( that crap sucks

  9. Let’s hope we move back to a late classic rock direction. Anything besides this post-grunge crap.

  10. iamlegend says:

    i want a resurgence of britpop
    we never really “got” grudge in the UK
    different tastes i guess

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