How many people should i invite to my house party?

August 1, 2009 4 Comments
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4 Comments to “How many people should i invite to my house party?”
  1. DZRTJUL says:

    The first thing you should do is invite your English teacher!!

  2. Katie says:

    too many
    get rid off like twenty

  3. mish says:

    80 people might be too much. It’ll be difficult to handle a party when you have that many guests. Invite only your close friends. You don’t have to invite those that you have only talked to once. :)

  4. PSOs gal says:

    First depends on you budget and also depends on how many people roughly you can fit in your home. Then decide from there. You want people to be comfortable and have a good time not be cramped and remember your party as a time where you couldn’t move or have fun and walk around to munch on food and talk to others. Depends on the time of month as well if you think its going to be a nice day outside say during the summer or spring and you checked for the whether and they say not a drop of rain make your party indoors and out. Set the food inside and set a few tables and chairs out side and inside and that way the house wont be so cramped and people can go in and out all day and not stick to one spot. Take the kitchen table chairs away from the food table that way people wont sit in front of the food table and the guest wont be able to access the food table as easily. Ive been to so many parties where this happened and i felt like i could eat cause everyone had to keep reaching over the guests who were sitting by and at the food table. That’s a negative no no at a party. Just a helpful tip that will make your guests happier.

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