How many dogs should I have in my house?

September 28, 2009 16 Comments
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16 Comments to “How many dogs should I have in my house?”
  1. lacie o says:

    i have 4 dogs…2 outside 2 inside…it works for me

  2. Lindsey says:

    As many as you can handle and can fit safely.Probably no more than 5.Good for you for adopting,but don’t adopt them all at once.Get 1 at a time to make sure that you can give each dog enough care and love,and you can afford them.

  3. Yung N Funky says:

    well this is just me, but i think you should have 2-3 dogs max. because space essetial for a dogs growth, and they will fight for it

  4. peter s says:

    you would’nt be able to afford it.

  5. If you don’t have the room, don’t get so many. Get as many as you can afford and live with happily. Dogs aren’t supposed to live outside.

  6. purplepinkie says:

    Well including your chihuahua, the max would probably be around 5 because you dont want your house smelling like a total pigsty. My dog trainer’s house smells horrible!

  7. How many do you think you can handle? It depends on how much time you have to play with them, and how much money you can commit to caring for them and spoiling them. As you probably know, dogs aren’t just for “having around” and you throw food out a couple times a day. They take a lot of attention, walking, cleaning up after, etc. I have 2 really big dogs and 4 cats and that is plenty. (and I don’t work)

  8. mmcrobinson says:

    Please only adopt what you can afford to pay for. Remember Vet bills and the time to play and take care of them…

    Good luck.

  9. As many as you feel you can take care of. For some people, even one dog is too many. But, for someone else, 6 is not enough.

    Contact a rescue group in your area and see about fostering. This way you give more dogs more chances by offering a place for them to go to get them out of shelters. You could help hundreds, if not thousands, of dogs over a lifetime. : )
    will have some rescue information for you and will have links to breed specific rescue groups. And yes, there are Chihuahua rescue groups, so if you want to just foster them, have at it! : )

  10. Ohno says:

    Each county and city has ordinances governing how many animals one may keep.
    Check first to prevent heartbreak of giving up dogs you have come to love. If you are over your limit, animal control WILL take them away.
    Off hand, I would say 4 dogs would be your limit.
    Any more than that and you become what is known as a hoarder. The worst kind of “animal lover”.

  11. I would say only 2-3 at the very most. I would also check with the city you live in to see if there is a limit to the number of dogs you can have. Most cities do put a limit on the number of animals you can have, say 3 dogs and 2 cats 2 dogs and 2 cats etc. Remember some bigger dogs will over run the smaller ones, so I would stick with smaller dogs since that is what you already have. Good luck!!

  12. Erin K says:

    Sometimes big and small dogs don’t get along very well. Dogs are a whole lot of work, even just one. So if you get more than two dogs, you’ll be in for a pretty stressful household. Actually, there is a law that you cannot own any more than 3 dogs unless you have a license. So really think about it if you are going to get another dog. Do I have enough time to care for both dogs? Do I have enough money for both dogs? Ask yourself these questions.

    Limit the amount of dogs you have in your house to only two so you won’t get too stressed out.

  13. iluvtorofl says:

    It depends on how many you can afford to care for and how big they are. I have seven chihuahua adults right now with three babies. We also have a golden who is Inside-Outside type dog. If you can pay for all the food, medical care, tags, and have the room, you can have several safely. Chihuahuas get along well with their own breed. Goldens can get along with any breed. I don’t think this would work if they were ten dogs of a bully breed.

  14. Anne says:

    I think it is so cool you feel this way and it is a good thing you have asked this question as you are open to different scenarios
    So here we go I personally have 5 Yorkies and 7 Pomeranians I have a huge house and they have a very very large double fenced area they are allowed to come and go threw a doggie door day or night I do breed that is my reason for having so many but they are never ever caged they are allowed full run of the house but I never ever have to clean up any messes as they are all house broken and use the doggie door even in the winter with snow on the ground and I am told by everyone who enters my house they would never ever know I had dogs if they didn’t see them as My house does not smell of them I no longer work due to a back disease so I am home all the time
    Now Scenario #2 I have a dear friend of mine who has Malamutes 4 of them they have a huge fenced in yard and I do stress huge and a beautiful home but they have to cage there dogs and they have 2 neutered males that cannot be out @ the same time as if they get within 5 foot of each other it is a life or death Fight they cannot cross paths as they will try to kill each other so they always have to be on there toes when letting them out to potty a real hassle and this has so far gone on for 3 Years
    So you have to stop and think about that if your dogs will get along and if you have so much love for them that you cannot part with them but have the burden of havening to keep them caged all the time and making your and there lives miserable
    I mean I am not trying to discourage you in anyway I just want you to put allot of thought into what you are doing as you may or may not run into Problems so Good Luck to You
    Happy Holidays to you and if you want you can email me in Private and we can chat
    Take Care
    Respectfully Yours

  15. ANGI says:

    I am like everyone else, only get as many as you can afford.. I have 5 English Bulldogs and they are already a breed known for health problems so I knew when I got my first one how much it may cost me in vet care. I actually bred my female and when pups came they were all so cute I could not part with any, with the twist of my arm my friend bought my male so I see him too.
    Think of it this was.. Just as routine care, every dog will need their yearly shots and then 3 yr. rabies shot, in my opinion, all dogs should be on heartworm prevention ( I worked in a vet clinic so I know the feeling of having to tell a pet owner that their baby has tested positive for heartworm, although treatable if caught soon enough, expensive to treat)
    Then depending on the size of the dog the heartworm meds cost go by weight of dog. Then there is flea protection in spring and summer.. I am positive if they will all be in your house then you surely dont want fleas! Just to give you an idea, my Bulldogs are all on Frontline Plus (44-88 lbs.) during flea season and since I have 5 I buy in a 6 month package, it costs me $65.00 from the vet each month just for flea stuff..
    Great that you are an animal lover and love to save animals but be careful with what you can actually afford and what is just so cute you have to take it home…lol
    Good luck…

  16. justme says:

    i have 12 so as many as you can get in their

    i live in an apartment with one room

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