How has rock music influenced society?

December 23, 2006 4 Comments
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kaylee asked:

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4 Comments to “How has rock music influenced society?”
  1. Rock music has greatly changed pop culture in the 50′s/60′s chuck berry, elvis presley, jerry lee lewis the beatles and the stones, the who, and the kinks basicly changed everyone’s perspective on music and has influenced the upcoming bands after them. Also without rock music i believe their would not be andy warhol since his art with the velvet underground & nico, was considder a masterpiece. Also there would be no hippies, punks or metal heads, without rock music because the rock stars bascily came up with the look.

  2. yatatabip says:

    Rock has influenced the society in so many ways. Sex, Drugs, And Rock N’ Roll! Most of my friends started doing drugs cus’ of rock musicians did it and they wanted to have a good time like the musicians.

  3. Law Man says:

    Art in general changes society and society changes art. Pop culture in general is influenced by music. Look at the 60′s. Did the Beatles create the 60′s or did the 60′s create the Beatles. Of course this comment is too abtract to withstand pointed criticism.

  4. lioness_84 says:

    I think rock music has influenced society’s stance on sex and drugs, and also, fashion. Most bands from the 50s to 90s (bands like Rolling Stones, Nirvana, all those punk, goth, and 80s rock bands) have influenced how people think about a lot of issues today. Maybe drugs and open sex wouldn’t have been so ‘in’ today if not for rock musicians indulging in them too (but of course, they might have engaged in such activity due to how society worked back then). Also, the emo music movement has been impacting today’s youth on attitudes about suicide, lack of attention from parents, isolation and suffering. Personally, it has made me more open-minded by sexuality– I stopped thinking it’s wrong for people to cross-dress.

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