How do you thin out a crowded house?

May 2, 2010 15 Comments Tags: , , Music
15 Comments to “How do you thin out a crowded house?”
  1. loppinaroundrabbitry says:


  2. WDamn Sgt. Pepper/P says:

    Nerve gas.

  3. Brian J says:

    yell the cops are there

  4. Mr. Derp!!! says:

    lots of fiber…

  5. koeber says:


  6. bye bye says:

    welllllllll, i was at a party once, and the host came inside screaming, “everybody get the F out of here, the Fing police are here and gonna put me in jail if you don’t Fing leave!”

    yeah, that pretty much thinned out the party pretty quick! (pretty Fing quick, ha ha)

  7. Queen SarcasticCat says:

    Scream FIREEE

  8. says:

    I start yelling and being angry till they get uncomfortable and leave.

  9. tina_still_rules says:

    if it’s crowded with people eviction notices- bugs call the exterminater – if its crowded with stuff throw everything away but 8 outfits and 3 pairs of shoes

  10. stephanie m says:

    make a cleaning and bill pay chart for sqatters,
    yell POLICE for parties!

  11. CucumberMan? says:

    “Always bring the weather!” Crowded House!

  12. Joe S says:

    Start vaccuming. start cleanig up.

  13. G=ME says:

    A “It’s The Cops” usually suffices! lol!

  14. Gizmo says:

    Dont buy any food or drinks. It also depends on what kind of crowd your talking about,(friends, family)

  15. MrDarthmicah says:

    diet pills

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