How do I get my step-dad’s friends to move out of our already crowded house?

May 11, 2009 6 Comments
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figureitout asked:

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6 Comments to “How do I get my step-dad’s friends to move out of our already crowded house?”
  1. Arrowswiss12 says:

    The guy who is smoking might sound like an ignorant jerk, have you ever tried talking to him?

    The 20 year old, PSSST! I can’t believe he isn’t in college. Why don’t you get that lazy ass of a kid to do work?

  2. Austin says:

    sure, snitch the dead beat out to his parole officer. as for the other guy just catch him bangin a minor and snitch him out too then at least they will both be in jail where they belong and not in your home. or cry wolf and say they tried to “touch” you. j/k bout that part

  3. haleyrae.? says:

    call the cops.
    its the only way you can get them all out.
    just tell them that they smoke pot and you don’t like it.

  4. Fo Sho! says:

    Call the police. If they are doing illegal activities in your home, thats one way to get them out. They get arrested…and then don’t let them back in your home. Tell your parents to grow a pair, and keep them out!

  5. Kay Guay says:

    tell them to leave or call the police saying that they did something wrong i’m sorry i really don’t know oh and by the way did you ever try talking to them they may not be so bad after all i don’t know.

  6. HeyYa says:

    Well their is not much you can do to change this situation. If these two guys start to feel uncomfortable at your house, they will move out. All you can do is make their stay is stressful as you can.

    Good Luck!!

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