How do I find a Black girl that likes rock music?

October 12, 2007 6 Comments
rock music
xAnaconda Visex asked:

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6 Comments to “How do I find a Black girl that likes rock music?”
  1. ?????? says:

    idk when you find a couple tell me

  2. Go to a rock concert and look around.

  3. idk go to africa or jamaica where theres high population of what your looking for then attend a rock concert or just hold a sign that says ‘i dig black chicks who dig rock music.’

  4. Ryo says:

    XD This is funny to me because I love rock music and I’m black… well, mostly. Mixed with a few other things, but those don’t count apparently as far as skin tone goes. Why don’t you look into different groups of people and see if you find one. It’s not that hard… and NEVER go for the ones who call themselves “Harajuku Barbies”. They have NO idea what rock or Harajuku are in the first place.

  5. I love rock music =)
    Well it depends… i dont really like the, “ahh i hate my life screamo” type music.
    I like anything but that.

    Ohh my, i have a thing for guys that have long straight hair. I dunno it gets me hot lol

  6. Shekira says:

    I like rock music. I’m a black girl. . . then again, I’m not ordinary. . . .

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