How did Rock and roll bring us to the music we have today?

June 12, 2005 4 Comments
Gabbie B asked:

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4 Comments to “How did Rock and roll bring us to the music we have today?”
  1. I’m not so sure that Rock N’ Roll evolved into Rap music, but I think Jazz and R&B did that. Rock N’ Roll created pretty much all “musically driven” music.

  2. RAWR says:

    just like writing, poetry, animals.. EVERYTHING evolves into different forms

  3. syd says:

    Popular Music as we know it derived from the blues. Perhaps ‘Rap’ came from what was known as ‘Talkin Blues’ which is what it says, maybe.

  4. Magic.

    Actually Pretty Much all Modern Music is descended from Jazz.
    Elvis Buddy Holly And The Such turned jazz into slower music.
    Then Beatles and Zepplin and The Stones took that and changed it.
    And it’s been Changing that way ever since.

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