How come this section wasn’t as crowded during the years 2005-2007?

September 1, 2009 7 Comments
crowded house
Jamaican Man (Diggler Edition!) asked:

7 Comments to “How come this section wasn’t as crowded during the years 2005-2007?”
  1. I guess people cared about football a lot more than basketball at the time. and i didnt know that you could talk about sports on YA until 2008.

  2. Clips Nation says:

    Maybe because YA! just had started.

    I takes time for people to get on board.

  3. ??.???? ???? says:

    people got internet

  4. =D says:

    YA didnt even exist in 05 and there weren’t many people in 06-07.

  5. Mamba™ says:

    Maybe because most of the users like me didn’t even know this site even existed.

  6. Hi says:

    you are an idiot.

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