How can i hint to my friend, over the phone, to invite me ove to her house?

January 19, 2010 8 Comments
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8 Comments to “How can i hint to my friend, over the phone, to invite me ove to her house?”
  1. Da?ni says:

    Don’t hint them! Just ask if their busy or not and if you can come over.

  2. g6ypk says:

    I have no idea, nor have I any interest. I’m only here for the two points. :-)

  3. courtney<3 says:

    Seriously just ask her.
    It’s not a big deal.

  4. BeccaBoo says:

    dont stess. i understand where you are comning from. just talk to your friend and if she/he is really ur friend they will not judge you….or take it the wrong way. :D good lck

  5. marissa? says:

    be like

    “hey what are you doing today?” then if they say nothing or they don’t have any plans be like “ohh, well my mom is having people over and my sister is having her friends over…geeze my house is guna be crowded…so do you want to hang out at your house or something? or we could go somewhere?”

    that’s all i can think of :)
    good luck with everything ?

  6. Kate says:

    ask her do you want to hang out somewhere for a while then if your coming home say sorry my house is crowded what abou tnext week end or something

  7. dd says:

    be like omg everyone in my house has something to do….do you have anything to do or can i sleep over or something…no need to hiint that person or anything

  8. Betty says:

    tell her u want 2 stay at her house b4 she can stay at ur house in a jk kind of way!?

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