How can I get a coolege grant and a housing grant?

May 29, 2009 1 Comment
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thecoolkid2007 asked:

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One Comments to “How can I get a coolege grant and a housing grant?”
  1. Dots says:

    The easiest grants to get are from the Federal Government, and if you live in the state of California and are planning on attending a California college, CalGrants.

    The Federal Government gives grants based on your financial need. Once you are accepted to a school, the school should send you a financial aid package, with information on how you can pay for your tuition. I don’t remember whether or not there is a mininum GPA requirement for the Federal Grants.

    CalGrants are from the California Government, and are for California residents attending a California university/college, which can be a private school, a uc/csu school, or a junior college. This is based on finanical need, and a certain GPA. Again, a school should send you financial aid information.

    I’m not sure of any other major grants (I tend to think that grants are more for grad schools and beyond), but there are always scholarships. Try

    In terms of housing, your college may provide housing, it may not. I don’t know of any specific grants/scholarships for housing.

    I would really see what schools you have gotten accepted to, because that will really help narrow things down.

    Good luck!

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