How can I ask my sister’s family to stay at a rental (vs. my house) during her visit, without offiending them?

July 20, 2009 6 Comments
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6 Comments to “How can I ask my sister’s family to stay at a rental (vs. my house) during her visit, without offiending them?”
  1. monkeyface says:

    Explain that since the arrived baby room is at a premuim & that it would be easier all round if they stayed at a motel or rental home. Tell them they can spend the days with you but there is just no room for everyone to sleep there.

  2. sassinya says:

    1. Tell them it’s too crowded.
    2. Go to the hotel/rental yourself and pamper yourself a little, let the family stay there at your house, they can use all the ammenities of the hotel when they come to visit. Blame it on your need for a change of view.

  3. daydreamer2 says:

    How is it they got the impression that they were invited to stay with you? Is it because you did in fact agree to it? then it seems wrong for you to change your mind NOW. How many days are we talking about? If you have already agreed that they will stay with you, then it WILL hurt their feelings, but if no arrangements have been made, then just explain that things are already so hectic around your place, that in order for you to really enjoy their visit, it would be so much more enjoyable if both families had some measure of privacy. Otherwise, I think you’ll have to suck it up and let them stay, and tell your sis since there will be so many people in one space to help you figure out a system that allows for a minimum of chaos. Good luck. p.s. If they end up staying just keep telling yourself, it won’t be forever, and the more the merrier!

  4. Carlito says:

    Think this through first. You dont say how long they will be staying but if you can figure out some way for them to stay at your house it will bring your families closer together. Kids can sleep in sleeping bags on the floor in one room, it will be fun for them. If I were you I’d be working on a plan to have them stay at the house rather than how to not. As you say they already feel inferior so why not open your house and show them no matter how inconvenient they are welcome and you want to have them there. During the stay ask your sister to help make meals, tell her its a good time for you and her to have alone time talking.

  5. free_angel says:

    Thank your sister for understanding how chaotic it can be having guests spend the nights especially with having a newborn. Tell her you would love to see her and her family and make it seem like spending the night elsewhere was her idea. Make the offer to foot half the bill.

  6. enchanted says:

    Firstly, was the invitation for your sister and family to visit extended by yourself? If so, did you give the impression that your home was available for the duration? If not, a simple explanation to your sister is all that is required. That is, you are looking forward to her and the families visit but after some consideration you and your family do not wish for herand her family to endure constant disturbed nights due to a new member in your family. Bed space and the extra use of ammenties is also rather tight and you would prefer to help her accomodate her family elsewhere. Do not enter into any discussions about inferiority with your sister. That is their opinion and one that will take decades to change. It is irrelavant to their stay in your home. To offer financial support should only be mentioned if she admits not being able to afford the expences herself. Even then pride is something not to play with and offence often follows. Take your time. Be direct but not rude, as your mind is made up and only discomfort can come from the joining of the two families under the one roof for an extended period. Patience is the key. Kindest regards

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