Hey.uhhh my house is crowded with moths, flies, and common ants.What do I do?

April 24, 2009 7 Comments
crowded house
cinnapanda asked:

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7 Comments to “Hey.uhhh my house is crowded with moths, flies, and common ants.What do I do?”
  1. timmyjane3 says:

    clean out the refridgerator and get rid of what ever is bad. and either call an exterminator or get some bug killer. also keep the door and windows shut. especially now that the weather is hot.

  2. Paleo C says:

    After a thorough house and fridge cleaning buy Raid gas insect killer from Home Depot. It’s a small can with a plastic cup with it. Very inexpensive. Place a small amount of water in the plastic cup. Then, place the can in the water. A gas will form and circulate around the house. Remove all pets and people for a few hours and vent thoroughly when returning home. The product works great and is residual for several weeks. It gives you a good excuse to go shopping while the gas is working.

  3. Patricia D says:

    Call a pest control company. You need different products for each of your problems and unless you get them all under control at the same time, you’ll be fighting them forever…

  4. texangirl says:

    I hate that!!! spray the ants, earth friendly chems only…
    put the fruit in the frig. and the moths are just part of
    summer time life. My dogs usually eat them….tee hee

  5. little_coow says:

    u probably r not cleanin properly!! get moth balls down!
    get one of those ppl to come in to spray, n in the mean time clean out ur frigde, throw everything n wash it properly ..
    put some lemon (fresh slices) in a bowl of water n keep it in ur fridge over night, tht should kill all the germs …
    if u have spaces between ur doors n windows make sure u block them.. these things happen in the summer!

  6. cowboydoc says:

    It sounds like you live on a farm, like my daughter. Look around you, a good look. You must have food laying around, first, cover everything, the butter, don’t leave bread laying around open. Don’t leave food of any kind around. Cover it, put what you can in the fridge.

    Make sure your windows all have screens. Keep the kids from going in and out and, holding the doors open.
    Get yourself some “ant” killer from Wal-Mart and put it around, then around the house where you see colonies.
    Do the same with flies, get some “Raid” and spray the house real good. Go to the store, go into the garden for awhile, then come back, open the windows to air it out.

    Clean the counters in the kitchen, the toilet and keep them clean, don’t leave scraps of food laying around, tell the kids the same.

  7. well for the ants you can put sugar around the areas they go to and they will go away….i have been doing that since i was lil and it works. the flies and moths u can buy bug killer sprays for those.

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