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March 10, 2010 22 Comments
xxxcoolbreeze asked:

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22 Comments to “Hey Now”
  1. Nihonluv says:

    I couldn’t agree with U more. These new school kids thinking they know anything from our days/old days haha, makes me laugh or sick, depending on the crappy new school retards that think they can play music from the good times of the 80s/70/60/50′s. ^_^

  2. Anthraxdude says:

    @Patagonianwarrior The proper termonology is dead* and no, they’re just split

  3. sthacker85 says:

    Stephen King’s “The Stand” reminds me of that because it plays in a scene

  4. is crowded house died?

  5. limabeanz24 says:

    great song love it

  6. Deputydog857 says:

    She is such a skank

  7. 22458 says:

    How old was the lead singer when they wrote this song?

  8. Tuf32 says:

    Aussie classic =)
    Reminds me of driving to the beach with my family during the 90′s

  9. piloncho12 says:

    me podrian mandar la letre de esta cancion en espaƱol

  10. MrNordic29 says:

    @breezykewl haha :P

  11. shawnarnold says:

    Reminds me of my high school graduating class…….”The Great Class of 1988″ High School for Health Proofessions – Houston, TX

  12. 427TTM6 says:

    Man these songs are classics..I hate it when rap,r&b(alot lately),pop are trying to mimic the 80′s

  13. breezykewl says:

    grey, wow! But maybe you can use this as a stepping stone to get her to listen to this version?

  14. 22458 says:

    Cool sounding song.

  15. neeadote1 says:

    this song was playing in The Stand while they were showing all the dead people. thought it was creepy, and had to find this song.

  16. dgillis83 says:

    this michel jackson singing this?

  17. bominator456 says:

    i love this song best song in the world and Hilary version sucks

  18. calbtt says:

    um im not defending hilary duff at all and i love this song but just because they have the same title doesnt mean that they’re based around the same idea nor are they even close to being the same song sooo yea haha anyways love this song it’s amazing :)

  19. giantsbaby65 says:

    we were listening to this in math class. good stuff(:

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