Henry Rollins on rave and modern rock music

March 11, 2006 22 Comments
CzarnaMewa asked:

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22 Comments to “Henry Rollins on rave and modern rock music”
  1. this guy isn’t funny…

  2. This pretty much sums up my feelings on techno. That shit has got to be the worst excuse for music ever conceived, except maybe for 70′s disco.

  3. poisongaze says:

    Yea who cares rave music for life!!

  4. Mcnastiest says:

    woh leave the drugs out of it

    but yea the music is terrible

  5. underscore84 says:

    beetje overdreven op sommige punten, ma wel grappig :)

  6. @sstteevveesshhooee, I’m not a fan of punk music in particular, but it did far more for music than shit rave and modern rock. You seem like you need to fucking indulge in some good music since you’ve been accustomed to crap, talk about being narrowminded you fucking hypocrite.

  7. hes a wanker ,punk is dead he shud grow up and move on. dont see how you can slag whole genres of music when the only music he created had about 3 chords in it ,sounded like it was recorded out of somones ass ,and didnt have half the following that modern dance music has.Oh im forgetting the band where he painted himself red for the video ,they were outstanding. in short hes a narrow minded idiot who thinks he knows it all

  8. ha what a dick ,all i can say is ,black flag sucked when he sang with dem ,id rather listen to dj fuck head ,fuck u rollins u cranky fuckin loser , grow up and stop breaking things u fuckin emo prick..first 4 years meathead

  9. slicksgirl says:

    funny how people are all angry about this. almost more entertaining that the video!

  10. @LaRochelleElectronic Linkin Park does not fuck and break shit

  11. kingWeC says:

    his children are probably ravers dats why..

  12. First off i dont do drugs, sept drink a little here and there, second i love what he calls “rave music”. Plus there are plenty of rock/metal bands that want to “fuck and brake shit” that i also listen to. Just my opinion. :)

  13. smoku46 says:

    he really is a hater. But I agree with him on this one. Just small clarification – techno is the biggest crap modern world created, but sad to say that MODERN r&b is also total shit, but then again so is the new rock – like all this fag brit rock bullshit and fag beatles hair and almost a female body of a guy, not mentioning the fucking makeup ! I hate that shit. Doesnt mean that you have to hate that, if that works for you then cool. But still in my world it has title totally gay.

  14. angemala says:

    Dude, he is funny. He was brought up in the punk era – was in a punk band called Black Flag. Do you people even know what punk music is? For fuck’s sake! He riles people up – he’s angry. A different sort of stand up – he’s funny, but serious, talks about politics. Goddamnit people! Please go and do some research!!!

  15. WFArmstrong says:

    Why do people listen to this guy? He has the biggest chip on his shoulder. Is he supposed to be a stand-up? Or do you just listen to him bitch about everything.

  16. Sikjacksains says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-fukin oath :L :L

  17. i wanna fuck on the floor and break shit

  18. CorrectTV says:

    oh man, HE should know that all the good stuff never is/was on radio/tv or on those big ass festivals… HE should know
    however it’s was still funny to watch, though

  19. FRGTNDRKNSS says:

    wow what a douchebag this rollins guy is…..but there’s a great explanation for all this. Clearly he’s an old man and doesn’t get it. When was this vid? 07? I can only imagine how senile he’s gotten now.

  20. Prophet91PL says:

    I’d like to notice that he rants on modern rock too!!
    (the part from 2:53)

    You haven’t watched the whole video! D:

  21. Shut up Mr. Rollins. You don’t get it and you never did.

    This guy ruined Black Flag by wearing Lycra and being a cock and here is the proof.

  22. grigoz says:

    guys it’s all cynical jokes politically incorrect or ignorant on purpose – typical for standup shows – to evoke your own thoughts or attrack attention or discuss bout it like here below. check his speech on maidens for instance etc.

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