Grammy Rock Nominees Revealed

July 25, 2006 23 Comments
RockItOutBlog asked:

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23 Comments to “Grammy Rock Nominees Revealed”
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  2. acdcrocker says:

    Pink Floyd..because they are Pink Floyd lol

  3. XxDeAdxX23 says:

    MusE Deserved like three :l

  4. also thought the alternative list was the best

  5. these songs, so many of them aren’t ‘of the year’, they’re ‘of the last few years’

  6. fftt1 says:

    Congrats to the best rock band in the world AC/DC for winning best hard rock performance for war machine. They should have won for best hard rock album also. Green Day??? WTF, they aren’t even close to AC/DC

  7. Bistol13 says:

    I think Mastodons Crack in the skye should have been nominated.

  8. Fuck the Grammys. Fuck Nickelback.


    Personally, I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN Depeche Mode got nominated, but obviously Phoenix was going to win Best Alternative Album because of 1901 being played OVER and OVER on those stupid Cadillac commercials.

  9. KIXHF says:

    nickelback is awsome you guys are stupid and i agree if theyre so bad why are they selling out so many concerts?

  10. ulose15 says:

    Well I do hope that Alice in Chains wins for best rock album next year since it just missed the cut for this years nominations.

  11. Depeche Mode should win for best alturnative album and i dont care what this guys says nickelback is a great band and they should win as well.

  12. the grammys are a bunch of bullshit and this year nothing too great won in any of the rock/metal categories. last year was pretty good for these categories (except for metallica losing best rock album to coldplay, thats the point i decided the grammys are complete bullshit)

  13. LOVING2ROCK says:


  14. LOVING2ROCK says:


  15. Lvsme says:

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs to win!

  16. evhs10grader says:

    I thought AC/DC wer getting nominated for “Rock N Roll Train”.

  17. Alice in Chains damn well deserves this. I can’t put it into words why? I guess it’s just personal for me.

  18. 000500006 says:

    I know why wasn’t muse nominated anyways i hope phoenix wins alternative and i think U2 might win they win almost all the time.

  19. u Rock men…Cheers from venezuela…

  20. antbobbobant says:

    death cab for cutie’s the open door was such a great e.p . i hope it wins. btw The dangerous summers’ “reach for the sun” record should have been nominated, it was amazing.

  21. jadeebaby16 says:

    Finally, someone who talks sense. Nickelback deserve it.

  22. jadeebaby16 says:

    I really hate people who talk shit about Nickelback. Seriously, if they are so shit, why are they selling out arenas? I think they deserve it, after all the ignorant shit people spill about them.

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