four seasons in one day – crowded house

February 29, 2008 25 Comments
kaspervalentijn asked:


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25 Comments to “four seasons in one day – crowded house”
  1. @shpankyfunky blood dries up (pain) … like rain like rain as rain dries with the sun coming out and pain is taken away.

  2. Love Crowded House…. beautiful performance!! :-)

  3. crowded house can be so dark, i love that about them………

  4. alkin12345 says:

    The Harmonica adds a suprising dimension to this live version.

  5. josgvis says:

    Love these brothers harmonize, stunning!!!

  6. brucetop777 says:

    its when your whole life seems like four seasons in 1 day…..

  7. jetagayu says:

    i really like it , is a cool song :o )

  8. shpankyfunky says:

    blood dries up….like rain,like rain…
    i don’t kno wtf he means by that,but the song is really perfect.
    love you neil!!!!

  9. shpankyfunky says:

    oh my god…..brilliant performance

  10. mala265 says:

    I loved it when the two brothers got together

  11. bhu73 says:

    well it was Boston who sued him successfully for nicking it from “More than a feeling”….

  12. 4rainbowed says:

    As always, lovely harmonies, with Neil Finn, who is so good..

  13. karziflora says:


  14. wha65 says:

    I agree 100% drop. I’ve just been listening to this song on their Woodface DVD. I came here to make the very same comment, but you beat me to it.
    Anyway, Kurt Cobain actually copied his Smells Like Teen Spirit guitar intro off one of our favourite live bands in OZ, called Australian Crawl. Check out their You Tube clip ” Daughters Of The Northern Coast (1982 ”
    Kurt was a massive fan of Crawl and when he came to Australia, he pleaded with the band to reform so he could see them live!! – True

  15. I don’t know about what the rest of you think but I would say this tune is quite beatles-esque. Very simple… very effective. A great example of songwriting!

  16. crowleychad says:

    a very fine work, and listening to it feels pretty fookin’ good :)

  17. acv318 says:

    incredible song, simple but very effective..I am so glad to came across this song today.. :-)

  18. mazzerness says:

    haha, great compo!

  19. aviadmei says:

    This live performance is absolutely astonishing!!!!

  20. magugreech says:

    es oro , no se si sera original o no pero siempre dije mas vale un cd pirata de rock que todos los existentes originales de reggaeton xD

  21. Mariekesone says:

    Love this life version too, awesome..
    two brothers just blend and the harp is fantastic at the end…=)

  22. bonadragg says:

    Que calidez al componer canciones, en cualquier idioma esto emociona…

  23. lmoreno1985 says:

    los putos amos.
    sin palabras. su musica es simplemente increible.
    la primera vez que oi esta cancion tenia 9 aƱos… y todavia conservo ese CD como si fuera puro oro.

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