Four Seasons in one day – Crowded House Cover

February 4, 2010 24 Comments
babs2002ukus asked:


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24 Comments to “Four Seasons in one day – Crowded House Cover”
  1. MadameLebrun says:

    Great voice and acoustics!

  2. Oswlek says:

    “I hope I’ve done it some justice”

    Short answer: Yes, you have.

    Long answer: You and Neil have some kind of cosmic connection and it would be harder for me to believe you *didn’t* do one of his justice. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how this was ever given less than 5 stars. Neil’s own acoustic versions on youtube aren’t any better.

  3. whitireia says:

    Hey dude I love it.

    I’m gonna try playing this tonight! Can see your chords too excellent!

  4. blawah2000 says:

    Excellent cover…this song gives me chills every time- great song!

  5. tomasjaka says:

    Nicely played man. Well done

  6. hansonb says:

    Really, really nice. Great voice. Thanks for sharing your talent!!

  7. gabmav says:

    That was excellent. You are very good.

  8. IAMBOG says:

    What are you recording it on?

  9. awesome song and awesome performance!! Can you also post this instrumental? thx in advance
    greetings from belgium
    keep up the good work!!

  10. annspade says:

    Very cool cover! :) I found you through doctorcastille’s edited version of your cover. +5

  11. LUKANAKO75 says:

    You´re an artist!

  12. babs2002ukus says:

    i’ll take that as a compliment, thanks for listening :)


  13. Cockermouth says:

    Sickeningly smug!.

  14. BryceMaruk says:

    That was an excellent cover I thought. Being able to get the chorus harmony makes quite a big difference.
    Check out my version. I think I did quite a good job on it, and your opinion would be appreciated!

    Bryce M.

  15. Veralucy says:

    Hello Clint! Good face in the end!
    Loved this acoustic too!

  16. lenyanhoobs says:

    Nice tone in geetar and vocal, good one. Check out mine if you want – (the vids a bit sketchy) p.s-couldn’t spot any into temptation bits like tubeothius did! Keep goin man,

  17. I like your guitar in this song. It’s nice.

  18. babs2002ukus says:

    whatever floats your boat ;-)

  19. tubeothius says:

    don’t be a modest mouse (milo keriigan search1)

  20. babs2002ukus says:

    hehe to be honest i must have done it by accident but now you mention it, there are hints of them tunes in there :)

    ty for listening

  21. tubeothius says:

    i like how you tried to sneak a littele bit of into temptation into it.

    then hello david boiewe ( weaker stuff!)

  22. simonday147 says:

    absolutely awesome mate, you are youtube’s finest. i have to apologise because i pressed the 4th star instead of the 5th by accident! sorry!

  23. mmcs122 says:

    Excellent cover. You have a great voice. Hope to see more Crowded House songs from you ;) *****

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