Finn the Cat “Black and White Boy”

May 7, 2010 9 Comments

My Cat Finn..playing around to Crowded House song “Black and White Boy’

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9 Comments to “Finn the Cat “Black and White Boy””
  1. MOSESCAT69 says:

    What a lovely boy, and named Finn too!!!!! Lovely video, thanks for posting x x xx x With love from a big cat lover from England (My boy is ginger and white and called Moses x x x

  2. andreas85dk says:

    Needed to learn this music for a project… youtube’s got everything. Cute cat, thanks for the song

  3. yelloworangered says:

    What an inspired video! Your cat is so cute and the music perfect. I watched it with my own black and white boy cat on my lap, and he got up and tried to catch the toy that your cat was playing with!

  4. lommaren says:

    How cute a cat:D Great song, as well, I have to buy Together Alone!

  5. mpomy says:

    Great cat – great music. This made my day!

  6. seanrndhd says:

    Cool markings, like a moo-cat. A natural in front of the camera!

  7. Anniea11 says:

    Got him from an animal shelter when he was 5months old. I had just got back from seeing several Crowded House concerts (awesome time) and well…he is Black and White.
    The name fit! He is a sweet little boy. Glad you liked the video.

  8. dorcik93 says:

    So adorable cat! ;) ) His name is an adoration to Neil, Tim, Liam, or all of them? xD

  9. flyfanny says:


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