Fingers of love – Crowded House

February 17, 2010 25 Comments
Trevorstark asked:

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25 Comments to “Fingers of love – Crowded House”
  1. Trevorstark says:

    wow, thank you so much!

  2. grimlygrim says:

    excellent playing ,great voice

  3. Brilliant…inspirational…incredible!

  4. This was a treat…

  5. Standard guitar tuning?

  6. Chioabyss says:

    love ths song you played, man.
    really well done.
    hope to do the same in the nearly future withj my guitar. Not with my bad voice, ha ha

  7. Trevorstark says:

    hi there!

    Thanks for your kind words! Makes me smile!

  8. grotsza says:

    hello there Trevor:-)

    I saw your cover of “silent house” a long time ago.. so very good, it touches the spirit and soul of CH….

    the right rhytm..

    dude.. you rock man!

    its a talent!

  9. insiderugby1 says:

    very good dude- I like this- different style…..don’t worry too much about making it sound dragged out- in the american sense……no criticism- I just think you have a great voice and you shoulean more on your side than say some more famous styles

  10. joshsinger81 says:

    great song dude very inspirational … I saw their sydney concert and it was so amazing!

  11. deBuchias says:

    Brilliant voice dude…


  12. drumboy4468 says:

    hey man
    Im a profesional drummer of over thirty years and you made me want to dance, awesome

  13. julietavalon says:

    i love this song, and i think you did a great job, i am really enjoying listening :)
    thank you, and keep up the good work:)

  14. CSFountain says:

    I’m a massive Crowdies fan and you did that song justice. Congrats!

  15. ramonovv says:

    Isn’t it kind of funny how there’s more hits on those ridiculous videos than good ones like yours? But then I suppose its not about that, eh? Well done and thank you for posting your videos! You gonna do “Dust From A Distant Sun?” I should learn these other CH songs your doing, too. :-)

  16. Awesome!
    I did a cover too (im only 11:D)
    I wish id seen this video before because your chords sound so much better than mine

  17. gmansi says:


    0 – chord 6 at the air
    2 – chord 5 on the second position
    2 – chord 4 on the second position
    4 – chord 3 on the fourth position
    3 – chord 2 on the third position
    0 – chord 1 at the air

  18. i dont understand how to read those numbers.

  19. guitargirl3d says:

    Just Perfect!!
    Bethany from the box…

  20. Trevorstark says:

    Please look at the right side for the chords.

  21. what are the chords mate?

  22. johnnieutah says:

    Love it , nice job. This is one of my favorite Crowded House songs. I particularly like Neil’s solo acoustic version of it.

  23. foxbatx says:

    thanks for sharing your talent.
    greetings from Canada.

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