Fall at Your Feet – James Blunt (Crowded House) Acoustic by Tommy Knox

August 31, 2008 25 Comments
tommyknox99 asked:

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25 Comments to “Fall at Your Feet – James Blunt (Crowded House) Acoustic by Tommy Knox”
  1. id pay to listen to this guy . he has what it takes

  2. bigfinnfann says:

    R u a Finn fan Tommy?

  3. Fanpirebabe says:

    I love this song!!! R.I.P Jhonny

  4. your a legend! lovin the music man!

  5. lis3574 says:

    wow! i just fell in love with you, you were amazing :-)

  6. phets526 says:

    crowded house version cant be beat :D

  7. bang on you sing that so well . top guy .

  8. tommyknox99 says:

    Awesome! I’m glad you agree with UF and not some of the other people on here! Haha…you’re awesome!

  9. tommyknox99 says:

    I would try American Idol but I’m not sure I have the look! Haha…I want to make it on my own! That would be so fun!

  10. MrGlado says:

    I agree with UnforgivenFeeling…..

    very good work…….

  11. Shit, oh my god, what u doing there? You should be at American Idol! Come on man, u are such a good singer. congrats…

    keep doing it! what a beautiful work!

  12. Jaydrummer92 says:

    Crowded house are awesome.

  13. tommyknox99 says:

    Wow! YOU are greatttt!

  14. tommyknox99 says:

    Cool! I will if you keep checkin out the vids!

  15. tommyknox99 says:

    Yeah totally…I don’t even know how or when to breath…I need to tighten it up! Haha

  16. efdtrjb says:

    You’re are great.

  17. vlski1 says:

    man you are really good love it keep up the good work

  18. xlauriex1 says:

    u have a really good voice u jus need a bit more control and practise breathing techniques.. ur breathing out, at wrong parts but u have a unique voice!!! ;)

  19. tommyknox99 says:

    I shouldn’t even be responding like that…so that’s my bad too man…I actually don’t even mind being critiqued or anything…I just get weird when there’s swearing and insults ya know? My bad though too! Haha

  20. tommyknox99 says:

    Ahh…you’re the greatest…I’m really grateful for this comment…it’s the kind the makes things make sense for me!

  21. LadyLola2010 says:

    Just listened to your other stuff, I don’t know if you’re famous but if not, you gotta do something about it, great voice but most important, wonderful way of understanding the lyrics and expressing it.
    when you sing, I almost imagine you’re singing to me, this is so rare and powerfull.
    Thank YOU for making me so emotional when I listen to you!

  22. tommyknox99 says:

    Thank you girl! I think it’s insane…it’s a Crowded House song WE GET IT! Haha…I covered the JAMES BLUNT version…I even put Crowded House up there so people would relax…thankfully they can get on with their lives now! HAHA!

  23. tommyknox99 says:

    Well said! Just like the other 1000 people who said it…nobody reads the info…hahahaha…insane people

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