fall at your feet – crowded house

August 28, 2009 24 Comments
kaspervalentijn asked:


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24 Comments to “fall at your feet – crowded house”
  1. fhefkef says:

    ich liebe dieses lied^^…..hammer

  2. hoobity2908 says:

    Sigh, just awesome

  3. hoobity2908 says:

    Has to be the best version…just close your eyes and listen.x

  4. ramadarose41 says:

    wow, that is an amazing live performance of this song!! i love the audience singing, every word and note perfect. goes to show how much Neil’s fans love him and his music! wish i’d been there!! :-) thanks kaspervalentijn for posting this.

  5. ramadarose41 says:

    what year was this?

  6. run335 says:

    Someone asked to sir P.MaCartney how he felt to be the greatest songwriter in the world.. And him: ” not me, Neil Finn is !”

  7. iCipher says:

    the keyboardist has a magnetic backup vocal too

  8. one of the best male vocalists since the likes of marvin gaye and otis redding, simply fantastic!!!!!

  9. Amazing song – I can relate so much to the lyrics right now…

  10. Stundek says:

    Firstly, thank-you kaspervalentijn for uploading this. Secondly, this has got to be the definitive (relatively) acoustic version of this track. Sebastien Steinberg and Lisa Germano really back Neil well on the vocals, and to have added more instrumentation could’ve arguably taken away from what is a unique rendering of this classic song.

  11. James Blunt’s version was so bad that YouTube disabled the audio!

    His version is flat and lifeless.

  12. james blunt is the best

  13. rrw1985 says:

    This is easily the best version of this song I have heard. The harmonies are great, Neil’s guitar work is spot on as always and most of all the crowd lifts it to that next level.

  14. karziflora says:

    Just Divine!!!

    Love u JOHNNY MARR!!!

  15. One of the most beautiful songs ever. Gives me goose flesh over and over again.

  16. because it isn’t that good

  17. zuluamuse says:

    Answer… Live performances hold a special raw energy and passion that synthetic manufactured studio recordings cannot capture! Real quality bands rise to the occasion live as they cannot rely on studio effects to compress out mistakes and bad pitch. Once you get into live performances you get hooked and will find yourself prefering live shows. That’s why I love You Tube it’s all about live.

  18. Schmidisw says:

    why is the version of james blunt not on youtube?

  19. lopoicrama says:

    best song i heard in months.

  20. saif080 says:

    He sang great…. i really like the guitar work,,,, i dont so much like this in live performance.

  21. tihiyja says:

    ??, ?????? ?????

  22. cpviolentos says:

    the best live version in my opinion i love the bit when the crow sings along, magic!

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