Fall At Your Feet – Crowded House

March 7, 2010 24 Comments
gohnakamura asked:

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24 Comments to “Fall At Your Feet – Crowded House”
  1. Awesome work Gohnakamura
    Great video. :)
    Much love Kat

  2. mineschan says:

    great voice and song!!

  3. robyonder says:

    yeh this is way up there ,best cover .Amazing man .

  4. chisheen says:

    How sweet life must be to play and sing so well. I’ve always loved this Crowded House song, and that was a fantastic interpretation of a NZ classic, Good on ya, mate

  5. Mesmerising
    Thank you for posting this

  6. villaespesa says:

    Its perfect. One of the best cover that I have ever listened.

    Congratulations from Spain

  7. zugzugzug1 says:

    Love the emotion plus ur vocie is beutiful

  8. naivesteve says:

    how many years have you been playing? you are a way too good

  9. DrRonPaul says:

    Great stuff man!

  10. m4tth3 says:

    I love your music :D

  11. I like this better than the original too. You’re fantastic Goh (my brother is very lucky)!

  12. LeeJamYam says:

    I like it alot more than the original to be completely honest

  13. asarmie6 says:

    any chance you’ll play in chicago? you’re always so amazing.

  14. Blanc57 says:

    Great!!! Once more…

  15. WordSoldier says:

    never heard this song before, but I’m sure you’ve done it more than justice

  16. Tribo says:

    Goh can u post here if you’re playing here in socal anytime soon.

  17. Great new video! You’re an awesome contribution to youtube artists.

  18. so great to see a cover Goh!:D Great Job and you really have a sweet voice!

  19. TERUKO5 says:

    You are one good musician! Five stars and added to my favourites.

  20. tuden says:

    you look like you just woke up,anyways great cover

  21. odessahawk says:

    great job buddy:)

  22. ingarrecibo says:

    Excellent as always m8!
    BTW, what guitar brand do you play? I am thinking in buy a new guitar…

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