Fall at Your Feet (acoustic Crowded House cover) – Mike Masse and Jeff Hall

May 30, 2010 25 Comments

Performed by Mike Massé and Jeff Hall on 12/7/09 at the Pie Pizzeria in Salt Lake City, Utah

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25 Comments to “Fall at Your Feet (acoustic Crowded House cover) – Mike Masse and Jeff Hall”
  1. sixstringer82 says:

    wow you did crowded house! thats it now you guys are my favourit. such an amazing cover. come to sydney Australia.

  2. Johnboi357 says:

    amazing.. perfect clear voice, nice guitar+bass combination. 11/10!!

  3. enderep12 says:

    @Zjonneke Would be interested in that CD too ^^ Can’t reach the jar from Germany too, though…

    But Mike has a virtual tip jar on his website! Check it out ;)

  4. LordQ says:

    Your a great inspiration to all us acoustic guitar players

  5. calissedetabarnak666 says:


  6. ozmusicfan says:

    Awesome cover of a great tune! The audience in that joint seriously don’t get it. Neil and the boys would be proud.

  7. kindfoe says:

    Way to golf clap fuckers….Excellent song guys!

  8. Brazilady says:

    genius musicality !

  9. Brazilady says:


  10. Grung56 says:

    Wow, Mike. You just keep getting better. Even the falsetto is so controlled. Very nice rendition!

  11. fiver1971 says:

    Nice! I saw Crowded House in Santa Barbara a couple of years back, and your performance of this track is near perfect. Keep up the great performances.

  12. Zjonneke says:

    Thanks again for this performance guys and best wishes for 2010!

    I noticed a sign on the right hand side about “CD for donation – help yourself”, but can’t reach it from here (The Netherlands)… ;-) )

    Any other way to obtain this CD? Anyway, keep up these great performances!


  13. edknndy says:

    I too keep coming back for more. Best thing I did was to subscribe. You are the bench mark for every song you do. If I want to learn one of them its your versions that I work from!! Congrats !!!

  14. jonahcarneskog says:

    Cool! I have an SM58 as well but I think it’s a bit muffled (it might all be in my head though).
    Are you going straight into the PA or using any effects on your voice?
    If you ever would play in a pizza place in Sweden, I’ll be there in a heartbeat!
    . jonah

  15. mikemassedotcom says:

    Well, you can hear it for yourself, but yeah, I remember thinking there was a noticeable difference when I switched to the KMS105. I used to use an SM58. I’ve been using that mic for 8 years now, so there’s also very reliable.

  16. jonahcarneskog says:

    Awesome, as always!
    Mike, how much do you think your Neumann adds to the clarity of your voice? I’m thinking of getting one…
    . jonah

  17. liverbird66 says:

    Get the fuck out of the pizza parlour now! Do something with that talent you got!

  18. Yamahman says:

    So hard to sing this song,and you make it seem effortless.Really enjoyed that.Cheers

  19. your1servant says:

    Thanks again Mike! You are appreciated. All the best in 2010

  20. harrisonlowe1 says:

    Sounds just like Neil Finn and the original version, great work again guys!

  21. jwrightnisha says:

    Yeah I would have to agree with Aroweeco,
    I keep coming back to your site for the fantastic vocals. Sure wish you played at a local pizzeria here in Peterborough, Canada.

  22. mikemassedotcom says:

    @Aroweeco Thanks!

  23. DunDamage says:

    Good job man

  24. hgurmilan says:

    You the man Mike!

  25. wellurs says:

    This puts everyone else to shame.. me definitely!

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