Faith no More – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House cover) Auckland 2010

June 4, 2010 18 Comments

Will upload more of the concert next week when we come back from Soundwave!

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18 Comments to “Faith no More – Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House cover) Auckland 2010”
  1. solitaryhorse says:

    @dayas13 es un chiste no?

  2. dayas13 says:

    faith no more es una mierda

  3. dawkface says:

    I love how he uses his awesome voice at 1:18 :D

  4. miramar9999 says:

    hahaha faith no more saw them for the first time in 1992 !!

  5. awatoto says:

    he was taking the piss oput of the song and us. He was basically saying what a crap song it was because you cant make it heavy and it even his voice was in a mocking tone. Lets be honest the song is crap compared to the shear energy afith no more bring

  6. charlieclockwerk says:

    thats cool , but faith no more is known for throwing in some obscure covers in all there shows. They usually only last about 30 sec’s to 1 minute. so why not just appreciate what the artists give you?

  7. sSsRonaldsSs says:

    It’s horrible, agggg, bad music, lol gays fuck loserrrrrrrr

  8. inconceivabledark says:

    lol fantastic!

  9. bekaboobie says:

    it was cool when they done this, but after the 3rd time i only hoped to hear some more of there material. but that was it

  10. cele321 says:

    just love his voice!

  11. delmsly says:

    cant remember the song but we got that on video, will upload that next week when we come back from aussie

  12. SynsGirlxxA7X says:

    From here, From there, From here! haha anyone remember what song he dropped the mic on?

  13. SynsGirlxxA7X says:

    They skipped Chariots, Stripsearch and A small victory for this!! ah well, can’t complain they were still amazing!
    Mike <3

  14. kuz8284 says:

    wasted time they could have done some of there beter songs

  15. sergiospolino81 says:

    Muito loko, very crazy this is man!

  16. syex says:

    i love this

  17. KIauDka says:

    such beautiful <3

  18. Psyrok says:

    Awesome footage thanks… heard they played this 3 times… classic!

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