Evanescence – imaginary

August 14, 2006 23 Comments
tearzofdadead asked:

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23 Comments to “Evanescence – imaginary”
  1. @decafdragon urh no, wot the hell u goin on abowt?

  2. One of their best songs…

  3. good job tearzofdadead!

  4. @aimeerebeccamcevoy
    i don’t think there is a video to this song. so just be happy with what you got aye?^^

  5. omg this aint the real video its clips from different 1s :@

  6. Amazing, you did a great job, keep going

  7. decafdragon says:

    @alla124 is anyone else having the retarded problem of the video following you as you scroll down and messing the whole page up?

  8. ba773r1na says:

    I love this song. it’s very powerful and sensitive at the same time.

  9. wiccakid4 says:

    i love this song so much it gives me goosebumps its so awesome and i love you did for the video nice work

  10. Yes,truly..for me this is the best song of theirs,as I can mostly relate to it!But really,all their songs are just amazing..they positively make you ponder upon life
    Can’t wait for their new album,LOL :D

  11. Shikingo says:

    first song i ever heard by amy :D SHE’S THE BESTESTEST

  12. MGRUDNIK304 says:

    its like she met me all these songs reflect me

  13. polypal1979 says:

    Evanescence is awsome its my top favorite band. and AMY LEE ROCKS.

  14. cutters are ppl who cut themselves cuz we cant deal with the emotional pain so we turn it into physical pain

  15. god my stupid depression is causing me to listen to awsome music!!!.

  16. swallowed up in the sounds of the screaming………..

  17. tylerrubyy says:

    this is so dramatic!

  18. Asperger1993 says:

    Consciousness- that annoying break between naps.

  19. redweedable says:

    HEY! I play in a rock band called F3tch, Evanescence heavily influenced us (you’ll see what I mean,) and we’re playing in LONDON, ENGLAND on SATURDAY 8TH MAY.

    PLEASE check us out!


    You can hear F3tch on youtube, myspace (url’s f3tch) or facebook.

    We’re playing at The Space in the Isle of Dogs in LONDON, ENGLAND on SATURDAY MAY 8TH, nearest tube station’s Mudchute on the DLR line. TICKETS COST £4 IN ADVANCE.

    Thanks guys!

  20. scorpio20101 says:

    …since the first tym i heard one of there song i knew i would love it………super love kahit matagal n tong mga song nila…..

  21. i love evanescence songs clips and the singer XD
    but there is on thing that pises me of AND THATS THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT:-/

  22. Musica muito boa parabens .

  23. adevon38 says:

    I love this songs and its actually rlly kewl. It sounds like something i would dream about haha.

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