edible flowers – crowded house

January 1, 2009 18 Comments
kaspervalentijn asked:

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18 Comments to “edible flowers – crowded house”
  1. xensboy says:

    Fabulous song, seen through the nuances of a fine live performance. Nice guitar at the end.

  2. boppingelf says:

    thankyouc housex

  3. MCJOEYD says:

    who owns that space???? declare it if you dare tonight…… ( what says it better than that…)….x FROM LORNA

  4. What a fantastic performance- they are the best.

  5. amac121 says:

    the best song writers in history without a doubt going to see them in wembley next week

  6. yep I know, but the idea was nobody nows the Finn brothers in Europe and when somebody is looking for something on the net they search for crowded house.

  7. davidbolan says:

    2001 this tour was, and this is NOT Crowded House, its Finn Bros.

  8. QFIhawkman says:

    What can I say? Truly, truly awesome. Probably the most underrated songsmiths around today. Saw them in Portsmouth last year, what an honour. Thanks for posting this.

  9. DUNKERRIN says:

    This is a great song, saw them play in Dublin 2 years ago….they were brill….

  10. xensboy says:

    masterful complementary composition

  11. res077y1 says:

    What a beautiful song.

  12. I saw the Finn’s in Autumn 2005 – they did about 6 dates around the UK, if my memory serves.

  13. greekguy88 says:

    when was this tour?

  14. Yes, but the space and fragility of this version is pretty splendid too though! Tim Finn has a great voice too – really complementary to Neil’s. I love the album this track comes off! Still haven’t grown tired of it after many plays. They are up there with Lennon & McCartney aren’t they?!

  15. it is a pitty that you cannot hear any violins on the background like the original version.

  16. Thank you! Saw the Finns on this tour and love this song so much…

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