Dont Dream It’s Over (Hey Now) by Crowded House, Donohoe & Grimes Acoustic Cover

June 9, 2010 25 Comments

Jeff Donohoe (Bass/Vocals) and Mike Grimes (Guitar/Vocals). Playing unplugged (except for the Bass) at Jeff’s place in Albuquerque NM on Feb. 25 2009. Nothing fancy, we just put a camera in the corner and played. A funny thing… although Crowded House is a New Zeland based band, Tim Pierce (from Albuquerque New Mexico) played guitar on their debut album in 1986 (he played all those cool little lead flavorings). I knew Tim in and after highschool, and his band “Traveler” used to play in our school cafeteria (about 1/4 mile from where This recording was made). He even ran sound for one of my bands at a party one night in the early 80s… (what a great player!)

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25 Comments to “Dont Dream It’s Over (Hey Now) by Crowded House, Donohoe & Grimes Acoustic Cover”
  1. jigarcia72 says:

    muy buena tios….

  2. oldierunner says:

    The bassist is very super and has a fine voice, wonderful your two!

  3. allanh53 says:

    Great stuff chaps keep em coming

  4. cirmikormi says:

    That was very good.
    Professional music and voice.

  5. CorionD says:

    great job

  6. PecosMtJeff says:

    @mdonohoe22 Hey Michael…glad you like it. I’m uploading a couple live vids for fun, but the quality is not so good. I hope to do some in the greenhouse soon. Hope all is going well….Jeff 5

  7. pattisantita says:

    Sweetness, i found the full translation in another video, but thanks anyway. I love this version, a big kiss and success for both are handsome.

  8. mdonohoe22 says:

    Hey Jeff…sitting here at work…ready to pull my hair out, and had to bring this song up again…just love it. and brings back a good memory. I should learn it on guitar as well. LOL. Looking forward to the new videos. Michael

  9. PecosMtJeff says:

    El título … No sueñes que se ha terminado …
    Hay libertad dentro, hay libertad sin
    tratar de atrapar la gran cantidad en un vaso de papel …
    No creo que se traduce muy bien, y mi español no es muy grande
    tienen una maravillosa Cinco De Mayo…. J5

  10. pattisantita says:

    Me encanta un monton este tema y eso que no se ingles, alguien que por favor me lo subtitule en espanol.

  11. ianb4music says:

    Very nice guys, this is great!

  12. stodd32 says:

    very nice

  13. maf129 says:

    LOVE IT!

  14. tocotodo says:

    Really cool, guys. You had me at the first vocal harmony.

  15. PecosMtJeff says:

    ¡Muchas gracias! Me alegro de saber que han disfrutado de nuestra música. Siempre el amor recibir mensajes desde lugares muy lejanos. Me gustaría estar en una playa en México en este momento …. Jeff 5, Nuevo México

  16. valonchorius says:

    simplemente genial!!!!, lo hacen muy bien amigos, son excelentes musicos y jeff tiene un gran feeling, excelente arreglo del bajo……saludos desde mexico.

  17. TheJoker1mono says:

    WoW… that was dope!

  18. miamicanes04 says:

    Another great song.. I swear im gonna figure out how to put u 2 on my ipod..

  19. PecosMtJeff says:

    We do plan more videos soon, waiting for warmer weather to shoot in the greenhouse or by the pool…Hallelujah is a possibility (Hmmmm), but we also have some other new stuff… Goo Goo Dolls etc. My brother Rob lives a couple blocks from the Brooklyn bridge on the Brooklyn side…. far from my home in the Wild West. Take care…Jeff 5

  20. PecosMtJeff says:

    Thanks for the good morning laugh and for stopping by! Lets see.. on Capt. Kirk… I’ve lost 25 lbs since this video was shot, so I am now more like the Kirk who fought the Gorn and kissed the swanky green girl (She packed my bags last night…Pre-Flight… I was given the Shatner/Nimoy CD for Christmas).

  21. nechandi says:

    I know I’ve commented on here before, I just love coming back this cover is simply incredible a surprisingly good accompaniment to walking home over the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

    Is there any chance we could get a non bar room version of “Free Fallin”? Also more U2, and I know a long shot for sure but maybe a cover of “Hallelujah”?

    Long shots I know, but something about you guys just keeps me coming back for more.

    Well that and the Kirk thing, thankfully you dont sing like Will Shatner.

  22. SOYUNDELFIN says:

    @PecosMtJeff woo that sounds so cool.

  23. PecosMtJeff says:

    Thank You for the compliment! I notice that you like Rick Springfield. He is a really nice person. My former roommate and band partner Derek plays keyboards in his band these days. I’ve seen them play many times.

  24. SOYUNDELFIN says:

    how could i comment that it isnt good? it was awesome obiously.

  25. gorsergey says:

    I like so much !

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