Don’t dream it’s over guitar cover, Crowded House

June 14, 2010 25 Comments

Only rythmic guitar

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25 Comments to “Don’t dream it’s over guitar cover, Crowded House”
  1. fretwires says:

    It is a chorus effect

  2. RasputinsVision says:

    Very nice !!!

  3. linesinsi says:

    muy bueno…gracias…..

  4. Izzy784 says:


  5. josecarlos1955 says:

    thanks for posting, strat sounds great!

  6. tani182 says:

    great job man! thanks! :D and when I play the song also makes me move xD

  7. chichiboypumpi says:

    great guitar work, needs a good voice to go with it

  8. chichiboypumpi says:

    great guitar work

  9. sparks158 says:

    that was really cool

  10. Boghman22 says:

    Nice tone.

  11. scottreinigerlover says:

    Very well played. I love it.

  12. LoneFloyd says:

    Thank you very much !
    I used a Boss Br1200cd with chorus and compression.

  13. sc2300phil says:

    great guitar effect! what mixing you used?

  14. dorcik93 says:

    Hi! I adore this version of DDIO and tried to play it on acousic guitar, but the very first two chords sounded unproperly. Maybe it’s different with electric one. Did you have the same experience?

  15. laz322 says:

    Thanks for the good advice Lonefloyd. Relaxation, practice and patience…makes sense.

  16. garylandry says:

    Let me correct myself after actually trying to play what I typed earlier…chords are: D#sus2, Cm, G#, G, D#sus2, Cm, G#, G, G#, Bb, D#, Cm
    I think I got it right this time. Again great tune, great work on the video. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

  17. garylandry says:

    Great Job! Are these the chords? D#sus; Csus2; G#, G, D#sus, C sus2, G#, G, G#, Bb, D#, Bm, G#, Bb, D3sus, Bm
    Please correct me if I am wrong…am still trying to get the right rhythm to sound like you.

  18. Abs9106 says:

    well its mostly due to practice and experience. The more you play the more stamina you build up. But you also have to make sure your hands aren’t tense. Just practice it slowly at first and make sure your hands are nice and relaxed okay? Then you should be able to go much longer

  19. a55kiker says:

    I love it! All the other videos were doing some other crap, but you got it the way it sounds on the recording! Great post!

  20. Centrovisione says:

    thanks. i think is the small clone chorus effect

  21. juxtahpozition says:

    smooth! luv it!

  22. laz322 says:

    Great job brother! Hey man, when you first started playing this song did your hands cramp up on you because of all the bar chords? And if they did how long did it take for your hands to stop cramping up? I can’t get through the first verse and chorus without my hands starting to hurt and cramp up. And advice you could give me to help my cramping situation (no “It’s that time of the month jokes please)

    Thanks and great job!

  23. fsm1982 says:

    I love this version so much!

  24. neema10 says:

    dang this sounds so good! what equipment do you use??

  25. Centrovisione says:

    chorus effect is fantastic.

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