Don’t dream It’s over-Crowded House

July 26, 2007 25 Comments
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25 Comments to “Don’t dream It’s over-Crowded House”
  1. I agree. The 80′s had great music and bands. Too bad the younger set wasn’t around to appreciate this. Also Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and so much more. The rap crap can’t touch this. They talk in their songs and it doesn’t even sound like music to me. My opinion only.

  2. MaryMRevis says:

    @thecontinental11 PREACH IT. So true my friend

  3. siouxweapon says:

    im 28 and i gotta say this is a very chill and lax song……like the kind of song u play when its friday, a beautiful day outside and u have a convertible……

  4. softstrum says:

    Im so happy that i had such great music to listen to after the beatles, i never thought another band could even be close.

  5. wha65 says:

    @llyynncollnn1 Your right, there is crap in every era of music. On the other hand, some didn’t get what they deserved. The Aussie band ” The Church ” should have been huge in the 80′s. Live, they were close to studio quality. Check these out.
    The Church – When You Were Mine
    – Almost With You (1982)
    – The Unguarded Moment
    – Too Fast For You
    – Under The Milky Way

  6. 4windriver says:

    @thecontinental11 good comment

  7. Lets be honest, true the 80′s had some great music ..but it also had tons and tons of crap….lets not be like the hippie-60′s douchs that glorified their music as the best ever! We had our share of crap,,,Stacy Q, Shena Easton, Salt and Peppa and Way to many Hair bands , and thats just to name a few…some newer music is great also

  8. rogergaristo says:

    Para una persona especial ….Isabel…..”ยท$%&/

  9. StoutNerd says:

    @thecontinental11 at least we hope it doesnt have any meaning to them because if it does i rather not leave my home anymore :P

  10. this is a good 80′s tune, hey to see a cool bull dog click on my name, his name is Bubba. Peace!

  11. marlenb1943 says:

    @wrigh1p Yes,that’s right.

  12. wrigh1p says:

    That’s right . I remember. Depression right?

  13. marlenb1943 says:

    @wrigh1p Yes he was. He committed suicide sadly.

  14. wrigh1p says:

    wasn’t he the drummer.

  15. I have always absolutely loved this song! This song touches my heart deeply because it takes me back to special times in my life. Times that have bonded deeply to my heart. Wow, the memories that come with this song! Such great memories, the best really! Such a great era to grow up in! Why it all had to change, I guess that is life but hard to let go of what we loved the most. I will always miss the 80′s but I hold the memories tightly in my heart forever. Missing the 80′s. 80′s forever!!

  16. saulberg says:


  17. @chichiboypumpi i say that nearly everyday :-(
    i miss 80′s classics

  18. RocStarr913 says:

    @chichiboypumpi Because record labels are now completely part of large global corporate conglomerates that see everything completely in numbers and dollar signs. Creativity is stifled and dictated by industry politics rather than true artistic inspiration.

  19. great song, too bad this group could not best this work…they gave up after 3 ‘albums’
    (yes i said albums) =). still a classic to play and hear…

  20. sneeuw008 says:

    Echt prachtig jaren 80 echte muziek gevoel en liefde allemaal in een pakketje

  21. Choefoe says:

    MUSIC PRODUCERS SHOULD TAKE NOTICE OF ALL THE COMMENT ON 70,S AND 80,S VIDEO,S FROM YOUNG PEOPLE WHO SAY ‘TODAY,S MUSIC IS CRAP” Seen it all the time, learn boys and girl from the music industry “you,ve taken the dark side, the easy path “;-)

  22. scottyyz says:

    one of the great songs of all time

  23. jayheard4 says:

    yes yoiure damn right!why cant we have m,usic like this nowadays?!

  24. marlenb1943 says:

    R.I.P Paul Hester. xx

  25. pray no crappy filipino band would desecrate such great plastic by doing their own shitty covers or “revival” like when a septic tank stinking pinoy band 6 (should be sick) cycle mind made an abomination of the one hit wonder upside down by 2 minds crack

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