Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House) with Ukulele

June 26, 2010 18 Comments

This is song 9 out of 12 in our set for Feb, 2010. I thought it was lost in my hard drive but it has been recovered. I’ve always liked this song. I never thought to work a ukulele into it until I saw it a songbook for the Vancouver Ukulele Circle, put together by my friend Peter Murphy. At the Winter Olympics, we redid this song as an encore on our very last set on Feb. 27. This version was shot at an outdoor rehearsal Feb. 5 at Kits Beach, as were all the other songs in this set. Hope you enjoy it! Please rate, comment, favorite, and subscribe! :-) Cypress Street Band Ronin Wong – ukulele, lead vocal Michael Millar – electric guitar, vocal Marianne Wong – acoustic guitar, vocal Jennifer Rashleigh – camera, sound, and editing

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18 Comments to “Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House) with Ukulele”
  1. MusicMonsterW says:

    @PhilipQsongwriter1 Thanks so much! I can’t take any credit for the camera work, though. That was the amazing Jennifer Rashleigh. I just asked her to shoot it however she wanted.

  2. PhilipQsongwriter1 says:

    I like your version of this song, it is immediately recognizable and you add to my understanding of the lyrics with your singing. Sometimes when i listen to the original I fall into a pattern of listening that prevents me from better comprehension. Thanks for posting it. I like the multiple camera angles.

  3. MusicMonsterW says:

    @yogajenny Thank you very much, Jen! And may I add, it’s been good to see your most recent videos, where I get to hear you sing. Hope to see many more!

  4. yogajenny says:

    So glad our connection today lead me to view this Ronin. I’m really really loving it. It is such a beautiful song, and your version is soulful :)

  5. MusicMonsterW says:

    @keonepax : Thanks John!

  6. keonepax says:

    Great singing and playing!

  7. MusicMonsterW says:

    Thank you so much, Lea!! I wanna hear your version. You got me curious.

  8. albrenza says:

    OMG, i’ve been practicing this song for so long-geez it’s beautiful!

  9. MusicMonsterW says:

    Thanks, Mike! We had a lot of fun doing this song!

  10. doctorcastille says:

    Ah one of my very favorites – and done so nicely. Great work.

  11. MusicMonsterW says:

    Thank you very much :-)

  12. Little6ster says:

    So lovely! :°)

  13. MusicMonsterW says:

    Thanks, Mousie!

  14. ctrymaus says:

    Really nice cover!! :-)

  15. MusicMonsterW says:

    Thanks, Russ!

  16. russbuss415 says:


  17. MusicMonsterW says:

    Thanks, keibler!

  18. keibler28 says:

    great job ya’ll…. this was fantastic

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