“Don’t Dream It’s Over” (Crowded House) or “Just Like Heaven” (The Cure)?

April 9, 2008 13 Comments
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Be Here Now, Paperbag asked:

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13 Comments to ““Don’t Dream It’s Over” (Crowded House) or “Just Like Heaven” (The Cure)?”
  1. Just Like Heaven-it’s cathcy,cute, adorable and makes me wanna call my boyfriend and say-Michael, you are just like heaven! My mom used to sing this song to my sisters and I when we were babies:)

  2. Crowded House—it’s a great tune.

    I usually love the Cure but have to pick CH on this one.

  3. Just Like Heaven

    Just an incredible song!

  4. Sun Down says:

    Don’t Dream it’s over. It was my high school senior class song.

  5. Don’t dream its over!!!


  6. I really adore Crowded House, they are so much fun live.

  7. Dont dream its over by Crowded house

  8. David V says:

    Just Like Heaven…The Cure
    take care

  9. Clayton K says:

    Don’t Dream it’s Over -Crowded House.

  10. lolalove says:

    Just Like Heaven. No profound reason, i just like it better.

  11. sabes99 says:

    don’t dream it’s over

  12. “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

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