Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House (HQ Audio)

July 14, 2009 25 Comments
Luiscmck8Os2 asked:

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25 Comments to “Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House (HQ Audio)”
  1. @JGT30

    What made you say that?

  2. JGT30 says:

    I like both versions.

  3. Crowded House’s song Don’t Dream It’s Over is still the best compared to Sixpence None The Richer’s version. If you listen to Sixpence, Crowded house version’s rules!!!

  4. fritshits77 says:

    amazing how Australia brought forward MANY a great band ,especialy the 80-ties , INXS , MAN at WORK , SPLIT ENZ , ICEHOUSE etc ( THNX YOU AUSSIES!)…still a beauty thiz !

  5. Heard this first time in a car pool on the way to work back in 1985. What a song. Stupid deejay would not give the song or artiste. Went to a record shop that evening and tried to hum melody line as best as I could. But then it was a tuneless caterwauling after so many hours. Few weeks later heard it again in a record shop. Told the sales person I wanted to purchase it. That was my introduction to Crowded House. Later found that some were alumni of Split Entz. Ah that figures.

  6. MUENOY says:

    this is my secound favorite son my first is i’ve been in love before fro cutting cruw

  7. irmadiangco says:

    i like this song…i remember when i was in college that was 1997 we like 80′s song, New wave…..

  8. amo essa musica muito legal

  9. Miriam6261 says:

    What a nice song… Good memories…

  10. What a superb song and moving lyrics….

  11. ha11ett323 says:

    Klassic Kiwiana!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

  12. luisverchiel says:

    what a great song, the lyrcis are intensed and wise ! ! !

  13. PauloCFer says:

    Só dá “love this song”, “so romantic”, mas aqui no Oeste Paulista essa música também embalou muito baile … Êêêê Adamantina véia de guerra !!! Tempo bom e agora tá mió … rsrsrss

  14. boilerbabe82 says:

    love this song-reminds me of living in torrance,california in 1986-1987.

  15. u2bMODERATOR says:

    there is a very nice cover by sixpence none the richers.

  16. This is a song that makes you think. Now what you think about is totally up to you. Thank You.

  17. CrazyG20 says:

    thank YOU for reiterating my point. you were too young:P

  18. I’ll have you know, CrazyG20 I was born in 1985. Wish I was born sooner. Thank You.

  19. suedebear says:

    This song has always beeon one of those “magic” songs to me, able to envoke the moment in time that i first heard it. For all the bull in the 80s, there was at least a lot of good music.

  20. jerhyer says:

    every time I hear this song it reminds me of highschool!

  21. kulturvultur says:

    love love love this song

    but its so hard to decide which crowded house song i like the best–a rare feat for most bands

  22. CrazyG20 says:

    you will never understand the ’80′s unless you lived it young one.

  23. What’s it with the scenes with the plate breaking?Just wondering. Thank You.

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