Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

February 11, 2010 23 Comments
daphnejocson asked:

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23 Comments to “Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House”
  1. Andrius74 says:

    In such version, usual it is not like

  2. Andrius74 says:

    where it is possible to download such mp3?

  3. BlazzingSun says:

    we are not here to end…
    we are here to injoy…

  4. What does that mean? They’re working on a new album as we speak.

  5. Jezcarlile says:

    Crowded House, we will mis you all.

  6. ebz92 says:

    this is the most amazing song.

  7. jesubono says:

    I miss Paul Hester…

  8. zw246 says:

    cool i was at the us leg

  9. ls998 says:

    this is really nice

  10. pegz696 says:

    this was such a great day/night. i was like 3 rows from the front. Waiting the hole day in the sun was so worth it just to see crowded house. The young girl from 0.19-0.23 on someones shoulders is my friend and excactly where we were.

  11. Brusselaar says:

    I’m going to the concert in Brussels next friday. I’m really looking forward to it, regarding the posted video’s!

  12. delusional88 says:

    Don’t let them win!

  13. Idafix says:

    just beautifull

  14. Yes, I know they were lights….Just noticed the video effect as I was watching the clip…The camera just caught him in a really good position…..Great concert though….cheers

  15. mscanchola says:

    Are you talking about 3:11-3:15? That was funny… you know those were lights.

  16. Is that a halo around Neils head at at 3 minutes 15 seconds?

  17. prathzz says:

    here is a serious mashup with the other clips during the same song. have fun.

  18. janwh37 says:

    a lot of memories from the 80′s

  19. huiy06 says:

    Hearing that crowd gives me goosebumps…one of the best songs ever written!

  20. losalerns says:

    I love this song ^_^

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