Don’t dream it’s over (Cover)

June 30, 2010 25 Comments

Cover of Crowded House Guitar: Half Vocals: Ivan

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25 Comments to “Don’t dream it’s over (Cover)”
  1. kaybabe1010 says:

    u get major points for being able to hit that high note so good!
    chenquieh :)

  2. dadisnutz says:

    Wonderful voice!

  3. jaramsiee says:

    i love you guys!!!

  4. xavierbeltran1972 says:

    muestra los acordes..carita de verga….sino no salgas…..saludos..desde guayaquil-ecuador..

  5. paulcliftonevans says:

    excellent job guys! wish I could see the chord progression. This is one tough song to sing! excellent!

  6. antofagastoramiro says:

    caralho véio, fiko foda!!!

  7. ibizaboyz says:

    hey man! music isn’t about the greatest performance it’s about enjoying yourself. wish more people would do music.

  8. topanga31 says:

    Me likey :)

  9. RicMo747 says:

    Well done, gentlemen! Muy bien.

  10. mariaverina says:


  11. diegold1 says:

    Não precisa editar não, ficou 10 assim mesmo…hehhehe

  12. eduardjesuscc says:

    Great Job!

  13. PurpleTree80 says:

    mandaram muito bem!

  14. analauraloly says:

    hola chicos son geniales los ecucho cada tanto y el que canta es hermoso un beso a los dos

  15. electromorpheus says:

    absolutstunner is no better than a whiff of stunning monkey fart for criticizing people who put in effort.

  16. 072mannko says:


  17. absolutstunner says:

    Are you deluded ? These “singers” if thats what they you would like to call them are absolutely horrid. They have butchered a crowded house classic which they could never be forgiven for. I really do hope everyone who considers this a “good job” gets all the professional help they need.

  18. absolutstunner says:


  19. NathanArnoldCharging says:

    LoL… “day come, day come”

  20. tortugabob says:

    Pure clear voice. Good job!

  21. absolutstunner says:

    please stop.

  22. sselt says:

    Obrigado, imaos!!

    Considering the singer is a native portuguese-speaker, I think he did a good job with the lyrics.

  23. funkyjaguilera says:

    melted my heart great job guys

  24. SlayeCohen says:

    caraio xD quase um contra-tenor rsrs voz bem feminina, bonito ein cara!

  25. gammergq says:

    No I am a music lover and these dudes a good.

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Don’t dream it’s over (Cover)

Cover of Crowded House Guitar: Half Vocals: Ivan