Don’t Dream It’s Over

May 10, 2010 25 Comments

This is a video to the song “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” Its about having hope after many unfortunate setbacks in your life, and not giving up. The pictures of sad people are supposedly being lifted by the lyrics “Hey now hey now, don’t dream it’s over.” It is a bit sad, but the overall story is about uplifting, and hope. I hope you all enjoy it, thanks for watching!

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25 Comments to “Don’t Dream It’s Over”
  1. videosmodernos21 says:

    This song is not depressing like some people think. It make us reflect that the union its the only way to get our dreams, because if just one dream, this hope is spreaded aorund us

  2. Borat911 says:

    absolutely beautifull … the music and the photography !!! “I LIKE THIS ” !!!

  3. OBAIDY says:

    they come to built a wall between us .. we know they won’t win .. i like the lyrics ..

  4. Kieran84ire says:

    This song was in the tv series the Stand. I like the guitar work.

  5. Smileyyy21 says:

    @ViperXXXXXXX Your absolutely right. That’s the worst ever.

  6. ViperXXXXXXX says:

    @Smileyyy21 – What about child rape. That’s pretty bad too.

  7. MsMiss6 says:

    my possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof. what a great line although i have no idea what it means.

  8. robertmacisaac says:

    @robertmacisaac New Zealand be proud of this band!

  9. robertmacisaac says:

    Great tune. Very Talented Band. Again. Too intelligent for the current generation. they prefer not to think.

  10. RexntheCity says:

    This song is a Classic ya’ll..Today’s music is so 1 dimensional its depressin!!

  11. JMAC100100 says:

    I love your write-up to this song. Sixpence sang this song also. Sadness is as much a part of life as happiness. You can’t have one without the other–the only thing that separates those that succumb to the blues in life from those that don’t is their persistence to keep getting up and trucking forward! Peace!

  12. 18aaronjames says:

    i like this song its sad and happy at the same time

  13. BXandBM says:

    nice work. somedays, its the simple things like this that really saves you from insanity. life can get a little hectic sometimes. thanks for the reminder. loved it!

  14. Whogrl16 says:

    I like the cover better why couldn’t you have Used Sixpence’s version?

  15. stuartdlc223 says:

    @Inthorns thats the music talking cheer up bub

  16. coconut265 says:

    i like this song

  17. TitiaEndeava says:

    @SystemJammer You are so right :)
    I love this song.

  18. ladushippers says:

    simple and beautiful – very atmospheric photos and I agree, life is a mixture of happy and sad and one is often the flip side of the other, like love and loss, joy and grief. You grieve more for the ones you loved most and had most happiness with. etc -

  19. Danielury7 says:

    Very,very nice photos, I love this song. Thank you for share with us ,visionsofny.

  20. Danielury7 says:

    Me encantaron tus fotos ´!!! La canción también es una de mis preferidas.
    Te felicito

  21. enricolettig says:

    alla mia magnifica… un dolce pensiero… muuaa !

  22. dragonblue28 says:

    i love this song i was watching the stand stephen king and i heard this song so i ahd to listen to it

  23. enricolettig says:

    very nice song

  24. Martusia1990d says:

    SUPER!!! Thank’s :)

  25. TheRockfan68 says:

    Nice song, but kinda sad! Luv it anyway, classic!

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