Don’t Dream It’s Over [12" Extended Mix] – Crowded House

March 12, 2009 24 Comments
kronikels1 asked:


24 Comments to “Don’t Dream It’s Over [12" Extended Mix] – Crowded House”
  1. seaneless says:’re good dude!!
    awesome mix..!

  2. lelo73fui says:

    essa versão remix… haja coração!!! Essa melodia me acompanha desde a minha adolescêcia e até hoje. É demais mesmo!!! William Lobo Boim, Juiz de Fora, Mg, Brasil.

  3. SuperWeng10 says:

    i like your version thanks for uploading…

    its like putting more spices to it.

    very nice!!

  4. whatssogood says:

    omg i love this version!

  5. MrNightOwl88 says:

    100% PURE…..New Zealand.

  6. dominicantan says:

    I wish i had this version ;(

  7. Reyuzeda says:

    Essa musica já é bela ainda com essa montagem, perfeita de 0:59 à 1:45.

  8. This song is beautiful.

  9. KaitainCPS says:

    Although BBHS was only a hit in certain territories; not at all famous in Europe or North America. In the UK, their biggest hit was probably “Weather with You”.

  10. markusbala says:

    Remix du-karalho!!!!!

  11. kronikels1 says:

    it’s real…the actual track is probably subtitled differently.

  12. desol81 says:

    Is this real or did you make it up? It’s not listed in their discography.

  13. MissyLKS8 says:

    Crazy to hear a different version… i mean I only listen to every song on the album over ten thousands times.

  14. gmsting says:

    Most excellent, a great version. I have a scratchy version and now thanks to you I have it all cleaned up. Great Post !

  15. Last time I heard this version was 1992 , thankyou so much for posting this. has bought back some memories i’d forgotten.

  16. Si hablamos de exitos extraidos de esta banda ,podemos decir que no solamente este fue el unico ,te recomiendo que si tenes la oportunidad escuches otros temas de ellos como “Something so strong “, “World where you live “, “Better be home soon ” ,”Chocolate cake”, “Distan sun ” y “Fall at you feet ” , ya que estas tambien sonaron en las estaciones de radio .pero en mi opinion es que este tema es el mejor de Crowded House

  17. IanGorton says:

    I didn’t even know there was a 12 Inch version

  18. orgonon23 says:

    I love this version! Anyone got the MP3 to hand? :)

  19. Roodian says:

    Gracias por el dato.
    Saludos desde Iquitos, Perú :)

  20. fsm1982 says:

    Well, they have another famous musics… Like Better be Home Soon!

    Search for that.

  21. Roodian says:

    Una versión, ciertamente, poco difundida, pero que obviamente resalta en su nivel musical. El único exito comercialmente hablando de esta banda. Buen recuerdo.

  22. es un tema que nunca va a dejar de ser escuchado

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