Does anyone have pets that love rock music?

June 12, 2007 4 Comments
rock music
Me asked:

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4 Comments to “Does anyone have pets that love rock music?”
  1. Robert says:

    No you must not pick the unique pets

  2. Megfla says:

    i have a compleate slob of a cat to and he miows along to celine dions my heart must go on. i also have two degus who go utterly mental when a eastender is on. i have never seen a fat siamese, how funny

  3. Katie ? says:

    Haha, now I come to think of it, yes! When I was bringing my rabbit home we were listening to The Who in the car and she stopped hopping about and sat up and just listened for ages (until the next song – Pinball Wizard, apparently she doesn’t like that one), then she carried on going about her business!

  4. Lady Claire says:

    My kitty likes the beatles.

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