Do you think I should stop listening to rock music and stop going to concerts?

April 9, 2007 13 Comments
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JOHN L asked:

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13 Comments to “Do you think I should stop listening to rock music and stop going to concerts?”
  1. msi435 says:

    Try to listen to ambient music like sugar ros. Never stop listening to music if it makes you feel better. It means you get lost in it, which is a good thing.

    Check you Andrew Mello’s music its excellent

  2. Linda K says:

    I dont think thats a question that anyone here can answer….its all about how you feel about it. If the pros outweigh the cons then go for it!

  3. Kcordrah says:

    um no who told you that

  4. the mood of your music won’t make your physical health change…it may change how you think, but not your physical health…thats a stupid theory. maybe listening to your music loud has to do with why your experiencing ear pains, but not cause you listen to angry music. if you still want to got o concerts, bring ear plugs cause they lower the volume, but you still can hear if your upfront. or simply sit or stand at the back of the venue

  5. Gekokujo says:

    If you go to a concert, take the best earplugs you can find. If not, check out concerts on DVD. Not as much fun as a real concert, but you dont get the Doc Marten to the dome, the drunk-guy-sweat, or the hearing damage.

    Best of luck to you my friend!

  6. Fire says:

    you can still listen to rock music but yoy have to be more x=tra careful with your ears. When you go to concerts best no to be waaayy in the front row where the sound can trash your ears. If you listen to music on your i-pod mp3 or whatever you have keep the volume low or get a different brand of ear plugs that would not damage your ears.

  7. Mr. Taco says:

    Rock and roll is definitely not the problem. It is not like all of us who listen to it suddenly got Vertigo. It is merely the volume at which you have listened to it that probably damaged your ears. Don’t stop listening to what you like, but turn it freakin’ down!!!

    As far as concerts are concerned, you may well be out of luck. Just because they make you “feel better” doesn’t mean they are not destroying your eardrums. If the doc says to stop going, you’d best stop going. Sounds like you had a good run at concerts anyway! Maybe it is time to move on.

    If you do go, though, bring ear plugs! Smart people do anyway.

    I hope your problem reverses itself. That’s a tough situation to be in. I’m afraid a lot of men our age are going to have the same problem. Too many of us listened to our music too loud for too long. It was bound to catch up to us one day. Good luck!

  8. never stop listening to rock music.
    thats my advice :)

    especially if thats what you like and it makes you feel good

  9. Bonjour ? says:

    Not to mention it’s corrupting your mind!!! Haha just kidding. No you should definitely still listen to it, just on a lower volume. As for the concerts… Idk, put foam earplugs in if you’re at the very front or something.

  10. Chuck M says:

    John, I too have “Rock Music Deafness”. I am 57 and wear hearing aids in both ears. If your physician has told you that it is correctable by stop going to concerts, do it! You don’t know how bad it is straining to hear, even with hearing aids. As the years went on, I kept turning up the music louder and louder because I was losing my hearing. My wife would complain but I didn’t think it was loud. To me it was fine. I wished I had listened. Tone the music down when listening, don’t use ear phones. You still can appreciate the music, just don’t do it as loud.

  11. HyperDog says:

    No, just turn down the volume – wear earplugs, save your hearing, or at least what’s left of it.

    Some of your symptoms indicate that you’ve already damaged your hearing, and now that you’re able to “comfortably” listen without hearing protection, your inner ear is being overstimulated.

    Normally, there’s a muscle in the ear that attempts to protect the delicate structures behind the bones (this is the muscle that often hurts after extended exposure to loud sound), but in your case it might not be doing its job. Without it limiting the power getting through to your inner ear, the resultant vibration is overstimulating your labyrinth – the sensor that detects fluid motion from the semicircular canals (your balance organ).

    However, that constant pressure you refer to is unusual, and that may warrant seeing a hearing specialist.

  12. evey says:

    in my opinion, you should enjoy going to concerts and listening to great music for as long as you like music.
    wear ear plugs at your next show =)

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