Do you have bands that you associate with certain periods of your life?

July 6, 2009 7 Comments
crowded house
Scarlett ? straight to hell boys asked:

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7 Comments to “Do you have bands that you associate with certain periods of your life?”
  1. Melissa says:

    I absolutely love the band HIM

    i think they are unique from other bands, i love their sound and lyrics are beautiful.

    I’ve grown with them, I’ve been listening to them since the fall of 2005.

    My Wednesday has been good so far.

  2. scott says:

    nirvana – grade school

    nelly/twista/eminem/limp bizkit/korn//linkin park/the neptunes/st. lunatics/dashboard confessional/incubus/red hot chili peppers/weezer/system of a down/blink 182 – high school (different songs different years/girls/groups of friends/cars/party’s)

    young jeezy/50cent/T.I/chevelle/three days grace/muse/3 6 mafia/lil wayne – when i bought my first house @ 20

    avenged sevenfold/atreyu/lil wayne/brand new/chevelle/the fray/flobots/kings of leon/motion city/papa roach/ – now

    two songs that stand out for me is the song konstantine by something corporate… reminds me of an ex to the T

    and jimmy eat world’s “for me this is heaven” when my grandmother died

  3. Adrian ? says:

    Most definitely..

    During hurricane katrina i listened to a lot of Skinny Puppy and Velvet Acid Christ.
    Couple years before that (13/14) I was the biggest fan of The Cure and Bauhaus.
    The band Placebo reminds me of my first serious relationship, it was an unhealthy/bordering abusive relationship.
    I get all kind of memories when i hear the song “Every you Every me”

  4. Thrakk says:

    I associate Kraftwerk – Computer World and Radiohead – Amnesiac with disney world.. listening to them by a pool at a resort and during the car ride to and from disney world.

    Roxy Music – The Early Years reminds me of my trip to Boulder Colorado where I bought that cd and Talk Talk greatest hits.

    I associate some Nirvana with looking out of the backseat window at night in the boondocks.

    My progression of most favorite bands starting around 10th grade: King Crimson &Yes –> off to college –> Belle and Sebastian –> The Sea and Cake –> Early Genesis –> The Grifters & Red Red Meat

    The fall reminds me of colorful bands like The Grateful Dead

  5. deltamiss says:

    Silent Running – Mike & the Mechanics

    I was listening to this song when the Space Shuttle “Challenger” exploded (1986) and it has had a big impact on me every time I hear it. It takes me back to that moment and I feel it.

  6. BoosGrammy says:

    yes, way too many to explain about why, because I have them from the 60′s to present, and some 50′s also when I was very young, my mom told me I would try to sing along to, probably at 3 or 4 years and I do remember those songs too. I think everybody associates music with times in their lives.

  7. The River says:

    RHCP reminds me of when i was “coming of age”
    i was 12 or 13 lol
    they helped me through tough times.

    My wednesday was great…thanks for asking lol

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