Do people out emo to you when your driving and listening to rock music?

April 15, 2007 4 Comments
rock music
2nd Commander asked:

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4 Comments to “Do people out emo to you when your driving and listening to rock music?”
  1. Nikan says:

    people are ignorant, i understand where youre coming from. personally i have nothing against “emo” but it is annoying for people to just assume that its whatever youre listening to, whether its indie, punk, or one of the other countless genres.

  2. Fran J says:

    never heard of emo

  3. They just don’t know much about music.
    It’s ignorance.
    They don’t care enough about it to find out what the styles of music are actually called.
    Haha… I’m trying to wrap my mind around someone confusing emo and southern rock.

  4. EMO? ELO is Electric Light Orchestra. Not sure what group EMO is. Evil Munchkin Overlords?
    I really don’t care WHAT people shout to me when I’m driving and listening to any music. They’re all a bunch of non-persons anyway. They have no influence over me. Here’s to them :

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