Distant Sun (Crowded House acoustic cover by Ben McMaster)

June 6, 2010 21 Comments


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21 Comments to “Distant Sun (Crowded House acoustic cover by Ben McMaster)”
  1. thehomefront says:

    good voice, keys wrong

  2. AlchBass says:

    Great version! Check our cover of Better Be Home Soon…….
    Love your voice man

  3. nappyrasher says:


  4. BENNYSBALLS says:

    hey ayleighk you know the problem is that that four minutes that you say you wasted we never asked you to do so!! anyhow lets see what your made of show the world how much talent you got …oh yeah thats it you eat guitars wooo oh please show us coz i doubt you can play half as well as this guy ..oh good job ben liked it a lot!!

  5. ayleighk says:

    Good job mate. How about next time though you eat your guitar…. then maybe you wouldn’t waste four minutes of my life!

  6. ElGingeee says:

    Yeah great song, I love it

    but you’re playing it wrong…

    capo 3rd and play it in C

    have fun

  7. oatmealpet says:

    Great stuff, Ben. I love that song too – it’s such a good one to sing. X

  8. gravey16475 says:

    This is really nice btw….try playing it with capo on 3rd as well in C. Gives a different sound to the song with a bit more of a ringing sound.

  9. gravey16475 says:

    Still think there’s a root from the G there in the Em, but that’s just a minor quibble :-)

  10. aushandsomealvin says:

    Good effort mate, I like it well done, 5 stars. We also do this one (and Fall At Your Feet) in our live sets and it always goes down well. Check out our channel if you have a chance.

  11. adamatova says:

    You’ve got a beautiful voice.

  12. jasontomlins says:

    too choppy man

  13. walleyrange says:

    Good version mate. just one small thing, the second chord of the chorus should be Em. Making it A Em G A D, Other than that spot on

  14. aushandsomealvin says:

    You should also do Fall At Your Feet which works really well as an acoustic number.

  15. aushandsomealvin says:

    Great job, 5 stars all the way. You should try record it again and put in the harmonies over the top, that would be really cool.

  16. superstarnoodles says:

    amazingg mate … good job .. good song selection..

  17. ilsy74 says:

    Yeah Ben!! This is the kind of stuff I like to hear from you.

  18. ClipsterKane says:

    oi, you Mcmastered that song! sorry about the lame as joke but you nailed that song! put’s my voice to shame…hhaha

  19. kchan710 says:

    Nice work. One of the best covers of this song on the web.

  20. jbyrnes55 says:

    Dude, nice job! Gotta love the Crowded House. I’ll check out the other vids. Jon Byrnes – Dallas, TX

  21. studios181 says:

    nice day lounge that

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