Distant Sun Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Crowded House

April 25, 2010 7 Comments
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7 Comments to “Distant Sun Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Crowded House”
  1. Thanks, much apprecitated!!!!

  2. sungkie777 says:

    this s so useful !! such a perfect cover and lesson..

  3. Thanks for the comment and the info, I might look at the song again sometime (when I have a spare moment) and try it out using those chords, much appreciated!!!

  4. uluru28 says:

    I like the concept of Youtube guitar lessons, and I like your version of this song… however, just FYI Neil always plays it with capo on 3rd fret, making the chords C, Fmaj7, Am, D/F#, F, E, etc.

    Anyway thanks, I enjoyed this.

  5. Amazing!

    Listen my new original Already Choose You.

  6. Thanks glad that you find them useful!!!!

  7. Alex1710XVII says:

    I really like your explanations and the songs you decide to explain! 5*

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