Crowded Housing Inspections? Had you heard of this approach?

December 1, 2009 7 Comments
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DAR asked:

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7 Comments to “Crowded Housing Inspections? Had you heard of this approach?”
  1. lalo m says:

    Sounds like a major breech of privacy. I am frightened if this is in fact true. These people have no right to bust into peoples’ homes looking for crowded living conditions. I hope someone fights this in superior court!

  2. ron p says:

    I love that show.

  3. inzaratha says:

    Well, they arrested 40 illegals all in one house with guns right next to where I work here in Phoenix. The illegals all live in one house so they can afford it, like 20 – 40 people in a 1500 sq ft house or a large trailer. Hence your crowded housing arrests.

  4. Juan_Valdez says:

    Our city passed an ordinace against overcrowding rentals. 1 bedroom = 2 people
    2 bedrooms = 4 people
    Eviction is the penalty.

  5. Daisy says:

    Yes, the states and cities are getting very creative in their approach to the issue of illegal immigrants and I love it!

    This is a very real safety issue here and I think it is a very valid way to approach the problem. When people cram as many as 20 – 40 people into a one family home or an apartment or trailer that is meant to accommodate 2 or 4 or 6 people, this is a dangerous situation. When a fire breaks out, 20 – 40 people trying to get out of a tiny residence can cause a terrible danger of people being injured or killed by trampling and in the case of an apartment, they endanger the lives of the other residents of the building. They also then endanger the lives of fire fighters and other emergency response people coming to their over-residenced home to try to save the occupants. This is not a racist type of stance by the government – this is a valid safety issue.

    I hope other cities and states will copy this innovative method of going after illegal immigrants!!

    Once again, thanks to you, DAR, for bringing us this great news! Keep ‘em coming!

  6. msfyrebyrd says:

    I would bet they use health and fire safety as the way to do the inspection. I know it is an invasion of privacy and do hope they have warrents.

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