Crowded House – World Where You Live

September 12, 2007 25 Comments
Tabstarkin asked:


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25 Comments to “Crowded House – World Where You Live”
  1. aealtizer says:

    Never saw this before. Thanks Tabstarkin

  2. mnsundog says:

    If you like these guys you should check out the Wilryans on I-tunes

  3. ramadarose41 says:

    they changed my life too, and recently. i remember them back in H.S. in the mid-80s, but they didn’t get much airplay here in the states, so i didn’t know to much of their music til several years ago, to this day, i start my day out with “Weather With You”; it always makes me happy!

  4. ramadarose41 says:

    lol i fell for Neil back in ’79 when he was with Split Enz, so i guess i’m old! haha this video is awesome!

  5. Fuff63 says:

    I’m not exaggerating when I say that these guys changed my life with their music…It was like someone opened a window and let in the sunshine and fresh air musically. Simply timeless! Thank you Crowded House! :-)

  6. This is the video that made me love them. When the little house flew away, I fell for Neil.

  7. ramadarose41 says:

    lol i’m only 10 years younger, and i wish i was a bit older! haha his music and lyrics are very poetic and amazing. no one writes or sings like him

  8. ramadarose41 says:

    i’m still working on that Neil Finn hairstyle. i keep mine short and i’ve almost got it? down! LOL all i need are the highlights, and a tiny bit more length and the callick! :-)

  9. sigilant says:

    Neil Finn is the whole package: poetic and gorgeous…damn, I wish I was a little older!

  10. ramadarose41 says:

    cute red socks he’s wearing, btw! lol

  11. ramadarose41 says:

    i love love this song!! don’t recall the video back when it came out, but it is some serious Finn eye candy! lol love the weirdness of the video!!

  12. ramadarose41 says:

    you are definitely not alone. Neil is incredibly sexy still, but that li’l grin when he sings “expert in bed” is adorable! not sure what year this came out, but i was 11 y.o. when i first saw him in Split Enz in 1979, and fell hard in love with his music and his sweet face! LOL

  13. Ginea25 says:

    Ok, I may be alone at this, but when Neil goes “expert in bed” and grins like that, he just looks soooooo sexy to me.

    Sad, considering I was three when this song came out. lol

  14. stevenray312 says:

    this songs’ so beautiful, it brings back so many memories, i want to cry when i hear it.

  15. tippany says:

    these handpainted costumes were stolen in NYC! I heard the rumor and asked them DIRECTLY on a phone interview on live radio in about 85!! They confirmed it, and were amazed that I’d even heard about it. CH rules.

  16. The teacher asked me and I donĀ“t knew what to say so I think in this song xD. I had to think so fast! :P

  17. ramona7609 says:

    I played the hell out of this album. Thanks for the memories.

  18. rekordze says:

    @Fannyportillo I take it you didnt do very well in your English class then?

  19. That song remember me to an english class where I had to make a sentence and I used the lyrics of this song ^^

  20. God I love this song. Possibly their very best work.

  21. xmazystarx says:

    One of my favorite CH songs…awesome film clip too. :)

  22. bring back the suits!!

  23. Santanico75 says:

    I miss the days when good song writing & musicianship were essential to being a successful artist.

  24. You are so so right! in all ways…so sad deeply sad about the drummer…I really was upset when I found out….great band great songwriters….

  25. MCJOEYD says:

    want cheering up? just isten to these guys…. the best in the WORLD. x

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