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January 4, 2009 25 Comments
dankx75 asked:


25 Comments to “crowded house world where you live”
  1. ramadarose41 says:

    if you can find it, get their “Farewell To The World” concert DVD. it is absolutely amazing, and Paul Hester came back for that show. there is a video on youtube that describes him as their “funny bone”, and it is true in the live concert show. Paul was an amazing musician and drummer, and i will never forget him ever

  2. doubleredsx3 says:

    paul hester was suffering from depression… rip, i miss you paul.

  3. Jake19198439 says:

    Why did the drummer commit suicide?

  4. steviemax147 says:

    10 stars out of 5 most underrated band of all time bar none!

  5. wildkrrd says:

    I don’t care what anyone says… Some GREAT music came out of the ’80s.

  6. lhart99 says:

    You should get the album this song is on. The album is called Crowded House. :-)

  7. 1devo6587 says:

    this is my first time hearing these guys,and i got to tell you,this sounds awsome

  8. allanosterm says:

    I saw the MTV awards in the late 80s, and Crowded House blew me away with “Now We’re Getting Somewhere” and this song. I was tripping…so maybe that enriched it, but nonetheless, this reminds me of that amazing performance.

  9. wow, what a gem!! there’s not much footage of CH back in the old days. and the hand-painted jackets, i wonder whatever happened to them!

  10. lhart99 says:

    Does anyone know if this is on DVD or anything? If so, I’d love to know how to get a copy of this whole performance.

    P.S. Amazing band by the way and one of my all time favorite songs by them! :-D

  11. Willydz59 says:

    Great CH song…what an underrated band. Neil Finn is so talented…wish I could turn back the clock to ’87!

  12. celtica99 says:

    Oh I love these guys and this song!!! Thanks for posting this

  13. sarahjinx says:

    My favourite Crowded House song! need some help here guys, saw them last night in Dublin, brilliant gig. Heard a song I didn’t recognise, fast one- chorus sounded like “Blame it on the rain?” but I can’t seem to find it- Can anyone help? Cheers,

  14. dorcik93 says:

    That song is amazing. It’s my second favourite right after DDIO. Is that concert on CD???

  15. rogcuadra says:

    tonight 12/11 at Royal Albert Hall in London too late sorry!!

  16. c172aus says:

    Awesome version. Much better than the they way the play it now – very stripped down and slower. Eddie Rayner makes a big difference on the keyboard – great intro.

  17. Firez72 says:

    they look so young here

  18. steviemax147 says:

    Great to hear they have reformed, can anybody tell me if they are planning a UK tour ?

  19. Great band, now thankfully reformed and back with a new album soon!

  20. Choachito says:

    One of my favorite bands EVAR. I’m sorry I never saw them live. RIP Paul Hester!

  21. Great Song, my favorite song from Crowded House

  22. paulmorris2 says:

    Absolutely Fantastic

  23. gmansi says:

    Amazing live performance !!

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