crowded house whispers and moans live

October 26, 2008 24 Comments
dankx75 asked:

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24 Comments to “crowded house whispers and moans live”
  1. Re08Fu65 says:

    think Paul and Neil togehter *wouuuuh*
    I love the music of the Beatles and canĀ“t believe that some one ever will reach them, but Neil is also great and sadly in germany not that famous. I love his voice and songs.

  2. steviemax147 says:

    Genius song writing!!

  3. arale26 says:

    I love this song!!!!

  4. Woah! it’s probably true though.

  5. jeroen008 says:

    The best thing about this band is that when playing live they only get better :)

  6. jeroen008 says:

    Well then, I guess Paul knows best :)

  7. grim0033 says:

    Paul mcartney was once asked what is it like to be the best songwriter in the world. He replied Im not, when asked who was he replied Neil Finn

  8. iodine125 says:

    Best band ever; miss you Hessie
    Best songwriter ever; never disappoints

  9. I love this song live. It beats the recorded version every time!

  10. nrlois says:

    So nice… Neil is superb, as usual, Nick is delicious – as usual – Mark is great, and Hessie is the best and SO TERRIBLY MISSED.

  11. DGCUK says:

    Quality… much forgotten CH track… thanks for uploading

  12. markfoot says:

    Too bad i was only nine when this was on tv
    Really wanted to see it
    thnx youtube! and thnx Crowded house!

  13. LollyLouLa says:

    gonna see them on thursday in Bournemouth cant wait Im sure they’ll do this my fav CH track!! Neil Finn you are are legend!!

  14. ovalsonic says:

    Nice combo! I fell over a few times…

  15. kcarp73 says:

    They did both of those and threw in “Nails In My Feet” at the Chicago HoB show (8/19). I about fell over. It was electric.

  16. ovalsonic says:

    Whispers and Moans and When You Come both appeared at the Montreal show… killer!

  17. alstro67 says:

    who ever says that CH cant play live need to get a life big time

  18. tsefcik says:

    This song is so hot – no other way to say it. Was listening to the CD of this concert last weekend and CANNOT get it out of my head! Apparently made its first appearance on the tour in the last few days – yay! Here’s hoping for ATL.

  19. LollyLouLa says:

    ‘Hit it baby!’ This is my fav Crowded House track ever. It’s pretty sexual. Love it!!!

  20. Bravo to the brothers Finn, well done!

  21. A truly great song. I never tire of listening to it. The lyrics are awesome.

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